Author: Benny
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Requirements: ArmA 2
Island(s): Chernarus, Takistan, Zargabad
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 2.073

Date: 2012-08-18 07:33

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Warfare - Benny Edition - CO

Warfare mission modified by Benny.

- Ability to turn Camp Respawn On/Off at startup.
- French/English localization (i'll translate other langage asap i have some people who will be willing to translate).
- Advanced HUD (Showing nearby Buildings / Town Captures progress).
- Construction Interface Modules recoded (calling the same module for each players).
- Unit Construction Queuing (with a debug function in case of problems).
- Map tracking, all side units are shown on map (your own ais have their own # on map).
- Differents Town Occupations levels.
- Evolved Voice System.
- Light JIP.
- New Artillery System (Cannon/Mortar/MLRS/GRAD..).
- Ability to select where the unit is being built (Factory menu has a minimap for an easier comprehension).
- Ability to modify View Distance / Terrain Grid on client side.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

To do:
- Stringtable translation for STR_WF_Push.
- Sell/Repair buildings for commander on CoIn.
- Make AI Respawn at camp if he dies within a friendly town radius.
- Make AI Commander move to another spot when he has completed the first base.
- Make AI Commander do upgrades.

Change log:
- Fixed: EXPLOIT - soldiers too cheap compared to ammo costs
- Fixed: Flying heavy vehicle exploit
- Fixed: L115A3 LRR not included in realistic gear loadout
- Fixed: Black "Loading" Screen for internet client with default settings changed (and modACE = true)
- Fixed: Supply Trucks still deliver in SV capped town
- Fixed: Backpack blackhole
- Fixed: Jaza town is not on neighbour system ( TAKISTAN Full-Large Tactical param )
- Fixed: BLUEFOR owns suddenly all bunker of all towns
- Fixed: CoIn: Error upon opening
- Fixed: Spawn on Skalisty Island - WF Menu No Longer Works
- Fixed: Arty Field of Fire visable on map after fast travel
- Fixed: Novy Sobor doesn't change color on map when captured
- Added: Parameter: Camps (Predefined or Constructable)
- Added: Town defence upgrading
- Added: Occupation Patrols and attack patrols
- Added: Buying equipment into vehicles.
- Added: Respawn at medic car / medic camp should be always with default weapons
- Added: Income sharing to human players only
- Added: Buy Items into Backpack
- Added: Increase camp capture radious ( so AI can capture )
- Added: Expose each player's income to the Commander
- Added: Disable "sell factory" option when HQ is down
- Added: Gear Menu: Units Loadout (Custom/Config)
- Added: Camps: New FSM script
- Added: Gear Menu: Unowned item may be sold depending on the given coefficient.
- Added: Time Supply: All sides are affected.
- Added: ACE Weapons/Magazines etc.
- Planned: GUI: Money Transfer
- Planned: Check CAA1 Sahrani
- Planned: Optimization: Networking
- Planned: Parameter: Units balance
- Planned: Replacement: Replace the standard camps/depot objects in mission.sqm by logics (using WF3 system).
- Planned: Replacement: Network Communication system
- Planned: Optimization: Code flow (sortbydistance)
- Planned: Optimization: Update and unify the town defense ai fsm.
- Planned: Update: Patrols script
- Planned: Apply a config based Town dubbing
- Planned: Reworked Side colorations.
- Planned: Optimization: New town FSM
- Planned: Update the way reinforcements parameter work
- Planned: Allow defense in towns to respawn upon capture and to (possibly) randomize them.
- Planned: Garbage Collector: Optimization
- Planned: Rework TI parameter to be config based for weapons
- Planned: Paratroopers: New script
- Planned: Workaround for "Create template" issue

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- BI forums

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