WIP Report - Invasion 1944 D-Day
Work in progress

JdB from the [Invasion 1944] mod has sent us a video of their ArmA2 port "Invasion 1944 - D-Day" made by Pac.

Quote JbD:
This video was shot in the multiplayer mission I44_COOP_D-Day-1-32, part 1 of the original larger mission "Invasion", which has now been spread out over two missions, D-Day, and D+1, for better performance, playability and to better match the actual events.

    June 6th, 1944,
    At 0630 hours the first American soldiers land on the beach codenamed "Omaha". German defenders manning the Atlantikwall along the coast need to throw the invading Allies back into the sea while they are still on the beach to prevent the Allies from gaining a foothold in occupied Europe.

Written on 2010-09-13 21:39 by Pac  

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