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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 1.16.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is an AI skill mod to make the AI better, more diverse and distinct by type. Some units will be better skilled than others.

Date: 2013-07-29 22:02

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ASR AI Addons


Component: sys_airearming
    Description: AI units equip with weapons and ammo on their own.

    - Take what's needed from about anywhere possible: crates, vehicles, stuff dropped on the ground, dead soldiers and their backpacks.
    - Also rearming from their own backpack or from another (alive) AI's pack in the group.
    - Equip with primary weapons, launchers and sidearms, ammo, frag grenades, smoke grenades, binoculars, NVGs.
    - Take rocket launchers if not carrying a rucksack (OA or ACE) or the primary weapon is a sniper rifle, machinegun or automatic rifle.
    - Grab a little extra ammo when using specialist weapons (sniper, MG, AR) since they won't take a launcher.
    - Will only take items when there's space for them in the inventory unless the items are important (launcher ammo or medic kits).
    - Will try and grab all useful items found in a place on a single run.
    - Do not rearm if any of these conditions is met: option globally disabled / unit is: busy doing something / in a vehicle / captive / hiding / in combat / unconscious
    - Units rearm even while in combat if they have no weapons to fight with (unless they're commanded to stay put).
    - Configurable options can also be set at the beginning or during the mission by changing the global variables (turn rearming on/off or allow civilians to rearm etc.)
    - Some options can also be set in game using the comms menu (0-8).

ACE mod features (auto-enabled when ACE mod is active)
    - Also grab extra frags and smokeshells found in ACE.
    - Rearming from own ACE backpacks or other AI's packs in the group.
    If the ACE Wounding module is active:
    - Take bandages. Medics will also take epi, morphine and medkits.
    - Rearm from unconscious units.

This addon can be installed on clients, servers or both. It will configure only the AI local to the machine where it is installed.

Component: sys_aiskill
    Description: AI skills and awareness improvements

    - Gives every AI unit randomized skill levels for aiming accuracy, aiming shake, aiming speed, spotting distance,
    spotting speed, courage, but within certain ranges, based on unit's type.
    The goal was to make the AI better, more diverse and distinct. Some units will be better skilled than others.
    For example, a team leader will usually be better than a regular grunt, a SF unit will have the highest skills, while
    an armed villager will present the lowest threat.
    Users can configure the other skills and set their own levels by editing a userconfig file.
    All Arma2, OA, BAF, PMC and ACE units are fully supported by this addon but most 3rd party mods should be too, with
    exceptions, like when a regular or insurgent type unit is created based on a SF unit etc.
    Third party verified mods: ACE, CWR2, Duala and Lingor units (partially), McNools's Tier1 ops.

    - AI radio net (only for servers and single-player).
    When a group learns enough about an enemy, it will broadcast information about that enemy over radio to all friendly
    groups within a configured range. The info is sent with a delay, so to prevent breaking breaking stealth, quick takedowns
    are required. Sending and receiving groups must have radios. No waypoints are set, no orders given, just information sent,
    default game AI decides what to do with it.

    - When crewmen or pilots have to bail out of their vehicle because it was damaged, they won't be as willing to charge
    the enemy as before. They might flee or run for cover instead, until they get into another vehicle when they gain some
    courage back.

    - AI spotting distance automatically reduced at night (and restored at day). Default is half distance at night, can be changed
    in userconfig.

    - AI hears gunshots. Default distance is half the range defined for shooter's weapon sound range.
    Coefficient can be set in userconfig.

    - Dynamic view distance adjustment on dedicated servers. Based on the initial VD setting, servers will continually readjust VD
    depending on fog and darkness. Can be turned off in userconfig.

    - AI use smoke grenades for concealment when wounded.

    - AI detects and engages targets at greater distances, selecting apropriate weapon and fire mode according to their weapon's
    performance and distance to target. They shoot more like human players do.

    - AI can use grenade launchers like the M203 and GP-25. Without this, they almost always shoot them a few meters too far.

    This addon can be installed on clients, servers or both. It will configure only the AI local to the machine where it is installed.

This addon can be installed on clients, servers or both. It will configure only the AI local to the machine where it is installed.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Copy the content of userconfig to a folder named userconfig in your main Arma2 folder.
Optionally, customize your user or server settings by editing the file asr_ai_settings.hpp that should be located in <main Arma2 folder>\userconfig\asr_ai\

Included .pbo files:


Since v1.12 the patch v1.60 or newer is required (beta, RC or final)

Credits & thanks:
Victor Farbau for creating the original VFAI.Equipment addon and permission to modify his work, his gesture was the kickstart for the rearming addon rewrite.
SNKMAN for his Group Link 4 mod where I took the skill assignment by script idea from.
afp for his awareness script in BIS forums ( which inspired the AI radio net feature.
CarlGustaffa for the sun elevation function posted on BIS forums.
HeinBloed for his GDT Mod Server Grenadier where I saw the solution for fixing the AI grenadiers.
AlphaSquad team members for testing and sharing years of gaming fun.
BIS forum members that tested and provided constructive feedback.
BIS for making the best games.

- unknown

Fixed a config conflict with latest CWR2 mod
Fixed error when asr_ai_sys_aiskill scripted features were completely disabled in userconfig
Added a fix for AI not using laser marker to paint targets for airplanes.
Attacking AI uses a waypoint now, making it more reliable (it's still not going to be triggered unless AI has no other active waypoints).
Fixed scripted AI support reaction.
Reactions to danger take enemy vs. friendly strength ratio into account (is it wise to attack ? does that group need my help ?).
Gunshot hearing aid reduced when any units involved are in forests (balancing tweak).

- Added ACR DLC support

v1.16 beta2
Requires v1.62
Shortened max MG engagement range (800m instead of 1k, for mission compatibility)
Soldiers less audible
Faster aiming overall
Rearming compatible with the latest ACE medical module changes
AI no longer grabbing LD
Combat mode no longer forced for player-led groups.
Pre-danger mode restored when it's clear.
Auto-enabling weapon lights in combat for AI groups
New basic scripted reaction to danger: support (2 waypoints: 1 - support a near group that is taking casualties then 2 - SAD). This will be disabled by default in the final release, but enabled now to testing. Again, reactions are only for groups which have no waypoints or have completed all of them.
Gimps left behind try to crawl to the nearest medic.
Attempt to stop machinegunners until they finish their bursts (so far it seems improved but not completely fixed).
Only AR, MG or SF soldiers get the reduced recoil bonus (was all units).
AI no longer allowed to take command of joined groups (limiting potential issues).
Lots of other minor code tweaks.
Note: userconfig version bumped again.

v1.16 beta1
- fixed missing rearming options in the comms menu for the player.
- fixed errors in sys_aiskill when rearming was disabled.
- MP checks: rearming runs only on units where the mod is installed.
- fixed unit getting missing primary weapon or ammo in combat mode.
- updated taking medical items for latest ACE wounding changes.

- MP checks: all units get the skills set by the server, including those belonging to players not running the mod.
- fixed night spotting skills not applied properly for spawned units.
- added a global variable "asr_ai_sys_aiskill_initialized" which changes from false to true after the first
iteration (can use it to test if all units got their custom skills set at the start of the mission).
- added default skills for I44 mod units.

Gunshot hearing
- range can vary for a weapon based on type of ammo.
- default range extended.
- detects JSRS sound mod and auto-adjusts for proper sound range as well.
- feature disabled for subsonic ammo fired with suppressors and for GLs.
- feature now applied for vehicle shooters (was foot soldiers only).

- added a basic, customized danger.fsm which takes care of group to group info sharing and some reactions for AI without waypoints.
- AI react to incoming fire and enemy detection: switch to combat mode, try to move to near cover, may use empty static and vehicle weapons or simply attack.
- the surrendering module from BIS is auto-activated (has userconfig option).
- compatibility fixes for TPWC AI suppression system, Warfare games (BIS and Benny editions), DAC and MSO gtk caching module.
- houses are only searched once. Some positions may be randomly skipped also.
- aiming speed increased for all units.
- added faction skill coefficient in userconfig; note: version bumped, update it!
- many code fixes and performance tweaks.

Performance optimizations.
Fixed bugs that caused some routines not to run or exit too soon.
All units less accurate by default.
Added debug option for the info sharing in userconfig (set radionet_debug to 1 to log stuff to RPT).
Fixed errors for users without betas.
Fixed a bug that caused the game to break with an out of date userconfig.
Added warning when player needs to update the userconfig.
Unit skill assignments moved to the main loop instead of init EHs. Every unit gets
set a "asr_ai_sys_siskill_configured" variable to true after it receives the new skills.

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