SLX Example Weapons

SLX Example WeaponsSolus has updated his SLX addon in the BIS forums.

This addon contains an example XMS and Beretta 92FS. The XMS has a simulation of a red dot sight and both have animated triggers, magazines, and bolt/slide.
Both weapons have normal maps, specular maps, and detail maps and have shadow volume LODs.

The weapon models and textures are modified from OFP: Resistance.

The changes in version 1.2 are:

  • Removed alpha hide texture for hiding bullets
  • Changed XMS magazine and bullet layout to be more correct
  • Made spring thicker
  • Made Beretta and XMS magazines leave magazine well in synchronization with left hand movements then get hidden when reloading
  • Detailed XMS magazine follower and made it move all the way up the magazine so it can be seen when reloading
  • Made visible bullets in XMS magazine move with the magazine follower and then stop when unseen
  • Made all XMS bullets get hidden when empty

Download this new version from our download section.

Written on 2007-05-11 06:18 by Foxhound  

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