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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.61

Short description: This simple system of scripts allows you to jump on an AI piloted chopper and then command it to fly to a map point where it will land and you can disembark.

Date: 2011-11-15 12:02

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Chopper/aerial taxi script

This simple system of scripts allows you to jump on an AI piloted chopper and then command it to fly to a map point where it will land and you can disembark. The chopper will then return to base and refuel, where upon it can be commanded to extract you from another map click position selected by the player.

How it works:
i. When a player group leader gets in the chopper in a cargo position an action appears to set the chopper land destination (chopper will land at this point).
ii. Use the action and then a prompt appears to click on the map to set your destination.
iii. The chopper will commence taking off – during the journey to the destination the player commander will be given an action to cancel the destination – if a player chooses this option the chopper goes into a holding pattern and the player can choose a new destination or return to base.
iv. Once the destination is reached the chopper will land at the point designated and will remain there with the engines running until the "all clear" action is given. This will give you plenty of time (if needed) to unload the chopper get gear etc. Once the all clear is given the chopper will automatically return to base.
v. The chopper will then return to base and refuel. After a few seconds an action will appear for the player group leader to set an extraction point.
vi. If this option is chosen the player will need to click on the map to identify a safe location for an extraction site. The chopper will then proceed to this location. Note: this location has to be relatively flat and away from trees and powerlines etc otherwise the chopper will be damaged as it lands and you’ll end up being stuck there.
vii. Once the chopper lands it will remain there (with engine running) until the all clear is given.
viii. The chopper then lifts off and actions appear in the player group leader’s action list giving the player the option to return to base, set a new destination.

Check the readMe in the download for more info.

Installation / Usage:
Check the readMe in the download for more info.

Version 1.57 Combined Operations
Should be both MP (both dedicated and local server) and SP compatible.
Should work with any of the choppers, although I haven't tested the CH47 yet.

These scripts are not to be used for commercial purposes or to be modified without the author's prior consent

* Added a forgotten variable that was necessary for the Taxi function to work at start-up.

* Improved/fixed escort behaviour (escort will now disengage, return to base and land)
* Further code optimisations to whole script suite
* Added two new global variables:
NORRN_FR_keepOldCrew = true;
NORRN_FR_keepOldHeli = true;
Set these vars to true in the init.sqf if you do not want the downed chopper or chopper crew deleted when a new slick/escort respawns
* Camera code improved:
(1) Will now get the camera action regardless of whether you're in a vehicle or on foot.
(2) If you specify a unit in the code that calls the camera eg.
[s1]execVM "NORRN_cam\start_cam.sqf";
Only this unit will get the option to use the camera in game, otherwise all players get camera option
* The camera code has been improved/optimised

* Added the escort gunship option to the scripts
* Numerous fixes - replaced almost all waitUntil commands with while, further fixes to dedicated server compatibility and chopper respawning code

* fixed some more errors

* Fixed implementation for OA 1.57 and betas

* Removed the fast-rope option - script now acts as a general aerial taxi script with any chopper
* Added PublicVariable eventhandlers to reduce the need for setVehicle inits, therefore, reducing network traffic and JIP load

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