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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core

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Short description: This is the Extras mod.

Date: 2011-12-23 21:12

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Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Extra

A.C.E. mod team

This is the Extras mod.

A short summary of changes and additions that ACE has to offer.
What does ACE change compared to the original game?
* Improved IR Strobe simulation. IR Strobes can be attached to players and vehicles, can be re-used and preplaced by mission designers via special functions.
* Improved flare simulation that makes flares visible in daylight.
* Improved explosion effects. Explosions don't just create a whistle in your ears like in the original game, but they also can knock you out, blind you and make you deaf.
* Realistic working laser rangefinding devices. No magic range display.
* Realistic bullet trajectory depending on the type of ammunition and barrel length of the weapon.
* Realistic rocket ballistics. Rockets hava a parabolic flight trajectory like in real life. Not a straight shot.
* Improved backpack system which is backwards compatible to Arma2 units which don't feature the original game's backpack system.
* Improved vehicle damage simulation. The damage depends on ammunition used and where a vehicle was hit, like in real life. No incremental damage destruction.
* and more ...

What does ACE add to the game?
* New weapons like HK416 series, HK417 series, new G36 rifles, several rocket launchers for the eastern factions like RPG22, RPG27 and RPG29 and many many more.
* More deployable explosive devices like Claymore mines, Bouncing Betties and simple C4.
* Multiple non-lethal weapons such as flashbangs and teargas for western and eastern factions.
* Individual arming of winged aircraft to match loadout with the needs of the mission.
* Working afterburners.
* Aerial refueling.
* Ability to tow broken/stuck vehicles and replace flat tires.
* Maptools, to draw your battleplan on the map and share with your subordinates.
* Wind influence on bullets.
* Sniper tools such as Spotting Scopes and wind measuring tools.
* Improved sight adjustments to calculate an accurate shot in combination with the sniper tools, also supporting indirect fire.
* Built in cargo system, which lets you transport equipment in vehicles.
* Ability to exchange ammunition between vehicles.
* Better interaction with your environment via a built in interaction menu, that unclutters the action menu of the original game.
* Ability to rest weapons on objects for improved stability - also working bipods.
* Unique wounding system which features dragging wounded players into cover for improved medical assistance.
* and more ...

Installation / Usage:
There are several settings you can change in ACE, including keyboard shortcuts.

Included .pbo files:


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