WIP Report - MAN 7t Lars und MAN 10t GL WIP
Work in progress

Double(Ger) informed us about the next project of the Kruppstahl Gamer.

Quote Double(Ger) :
We would like to introduce the next addon by Kruppstahl Gamer, the MAN 10t GL and the MAN 7t Lars. In the video below you can see a test version of the vehicle. In the meantime the truck has already reached beta status. The cargo door, the doors and the storage doors are fully animated (open/close), also the wipers and the sunshades can be used. There are more 10t models planned including one with a crane to pick up cargo, the cargo can than be placed in the cargo area. Additionally we are planning the Roland anti-air on the 15t GL, the Biber (bridge laying armor), the armored engineer vehicle Dachs and the heavy transporter Elefant.

Written on 2010-09-21 15:58 by Double(Ger)  

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