Coop mission : USSOCOM Operation Urgent Fury - Mission 1 by Smokey

Smokey has submitted this coop mission for ArmA 2.

Quote Smokey :
This is the first mission of our Campaign Operation Urgent Fury:
    Takistan is being overun by the taliban and is in need of support. The UN has not looked at the country until recently because of the rise in terrorist attacks across the world. The U.S has taken a stand and decided to move in to liberate the nation from these terrorists. These radicals have gotten their hands on some old AA weaponry, and even though they may not be trained on the weapons or know how to use them properly, they still pose an imminent threat to SOAR and our Air Force. U.S.SOCOM has been issued to HALO in behind enemy lines and take these AA sites out before the invasion force comes in to capture the southern airfield. Delta, 7th SFG, and SEAL Team 3 will be going in to take out the AA sites. They have 5 hours to take the sites out and they cannot be seen by the southern airfield. If seen, the mission is a failure and called off.

Written on 2010-09-21 16:11 by Big  

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