WIP Report - The Unsung Vietnam War mod coming soon!
Work in progress

Polish GI sent us the Unsung mod handbook for the upcoming Unsung release as well as some new screenshots.

Quote Polish GI :
Unsung MOD Handbook for the Upcoming Unsung Release!

Enclosed is a 129-page pdf document outlining our MOD to date. It covers who we are and what we intend on doing. The table of contents organizes the handbook into easy to follow sections.

We provide brief backgrounds of each small arms weapon along with an in game screenshot for our readers. This allows readers to read about specific weapons that saw action during the Vietnam Conflict. Along with the small arms, we also provide background histories for our vehicles and aircraft that are included in the upcoming release.

Other sections in the handbook include: a script section so the community can make better use of our MOD (e.g. infantry shoulder patches, vehicle art, helicopter art etc), background on the island in the MOD, background histories of the units that served in Vietnam along with the various service branches.

Lastly, we have included various appendices in the back. The weapon chart covers all of the weapons included in the MOD and their associated weapon/magazine name for editors. We have an appendix for all vehicles and aircraft included as well. We also took the time to include all of the various groups that are available to the mission makers via the editor.

Please note, this handbook is a work in progress and we will be editing it as we go forward with future releases. This handbook is also subject to alterations in case an error is found by us or by the community.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy making this handbook and the MOD for the community.

Kind Regards,
The Unsung Vietnam War mod

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the The Unsung MOD wip topic.

Written on 2010-09-21 20:58 by Foxhound  

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