Publishaddons for Linux tool released

=[A*C]= code34 has submitted, using our Public FTP, this tool for linux servers to synchronize the addons used.

Quote =[A*C]= code34 :
Hi guys,

I just upload the publishaddons tool on the armaholic ftp.

I want to share with you a great tool for linux that we use with my team since few months. This tool is a command line server compatible with YOMA ADDONSYNC clients that permits to share all the addons of your arrowhead server.

When the addons are publish, the players can check and download them from YOMA ADDONSYNC client, and stay perflectly synchronize with the addons used by your arrowhead server.

  • Publishaddons require a web server to publish repository
  • the linux command: gawk and p7zip
  • This tools doesn't require X server
Have fun !

Written on 2010-09-23 14:27 by Big  

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