Author: Robalo_AS
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Requirements: Community Base Addons

Version: 0.96 beta
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: The AI should be pretty smart about how they rearm.

Date: 2010-10-19 07:42

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ASR AI Rearming


Description & Features:
This addon enables AI units to equip themselves with weapons and ammo.
This is a remake of Victor Farbau's VFAI.Equipment addon which he released as public domain.

- Take what's needed from about anywhere possible: crates, vehicles, stuff dropped on the ground, dead soldiers and their backpacks.
- Also rearming from their own backpack or from another (alive) AI's pack in the group.
- Equip with primary weapons, launchers and sidearms, ammo, frag grenades, smoke grenades.
- Take rocket launchers if not carrying a rucksack (OA or ACE) or the primary weapon is a sniper rifle, machinegun or automatic rifle.
- Grab a little extra ammo when using specialist weapons (sniper, MG, AR) since they won't take a launcher.
- Will only take items when there's space for them in the inventory unless the items are important (launcher ammo or medic kits).
- Will try and grab all useful items found in a place on a single run.
- Do not rearm if any of these conditions is met: option globally disabled / unit is: busy doing something / in a vehicle / captive / hiding / in combat / unconscious
- Units rearm even while in combat if they have no weapons to fight with (unless they're commanded to stay put).
- Configurable options can also be set at the beginning or during the mission by changing the global variables (turn rearming on/off or allow civilians to rearm etc.)
- Some options can also be set in game using the comms menu (0-8).

ACE mod features (auto-enabled when ACE mod is active):
- Also grab extra frags and smokeshells found in ACE.
- Rearming from own ACE backpacks or other AI's packs in the group.
If the ACE Wounding module is active:
- Take bandages. Medics will also take Epi and Morphine.
- Rearm from unconscious units.

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems.
For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included .pbos:

Credits & thanks:
Victor Farbau for creating the original VFAI.Equipment addon and permission to modify his work, his gesture was the kickstart for this addon.
AlphaSquad team members for testing and sharing years of gaming fun.
BIS forum members that tested and provided constructive feedback.
BIS for making the best games.

- Mags were not properly counted for some weapons (specifically for rifles with GL, when used with ACE or with ASR Grenadier fix addons).

- Fixed a couple of bugs that prevented rearming in some situations.
- AI can now rearm from own ACE pack or another alive AI's ACE pack in the group.
- Visiting field hospitals for supplies too.

- Medics do not pick up launchers anymore.
- Heavy launchers will only be picked up by respective specialists or units that start with them.
- AI can now take magazines from own backpack or another (alive) AI's pack in same group.

- Performance tweaks - the full inventory check is done less often, 30-60 seconds for AI with a player in their group, 2-3 minutes otherwise.
- Quick checks are done more often, each 10-20 seconds, if for example a unit needs a primary weapon.
- Prevent units from moving to grab stuff out of the water.
- Communications submenu that can be used to toggle rearming on/off. More options to be added there in the future.

- Ammo that goes into primary or secondary slots is handled separately. This means AI with a rifle GL will also grab GL ammo when found.
- When looking for a weapon because the current one is empty, don't pick up same weapon

- Extra muzzle magazines are now also counted for primary weapons - means the AI might grab GL rounds as well.

- First release

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- BI forums

- Community Base Addons

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