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Short description: This manual covers sniper team operations in Arma 2: CO

Date: 2014-03-07 10:18

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Arma 2: CO - Sniper Operations Manual

Latrang & FelixLegion

The Sniper Operations Manual for Arma 2 covers all aspects of being a sniper or spotter in Arma 2. For both seasoned veterans and new players alike, The SOM is your go-to guide for definitions and techniques of sniper teams, explanations for all factors that challenge precise and accurate long-range shooting, and a collection of useful specs and tactical knowledge related to the sniper’s craft. Moreover, this manual offers insight for leaders — or players who focus on other roles — to understand the way snipers think and operate in order to do their own job better; why when employed correctly, snipers are a vital extension for a team of any size. These chapters reveal how snipers are able to be leveraged in any mission and on any battlefield.

This ends the current work on the Sniper Operations Manual for Arma 2 by GETactics. Please send all feedback and comments to , and continue the conversation on Twitter @GETactics. We’ll be happy to update or explain our work if any portion of this manual is unclear or inaccurate. Our goal is for our materials and thoughts to be organic above all else. We feel the best information is that which strives to be relevant and remains practical for use in the field by gamers. Moreover, we’ll try our best to maintain all content so it reflects any changes that occur to the game. You can review the changelog for this manual on the last page.

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