Arma 2: CO - Sniper Operations Manual by Latrang & FelixLegion

FelixLegion submitted an updated version of the Arma 2: CO - Sniper Operations Manual by him and Latrang.

    Quote : The Sniper Operations Manual for Arma 2 covers all aspects of being a sniper or spotter in Arma 2. For both seasoned veterans and new players alike, The SOM is your go-to guide for definitions and techniques of sniper teams, explanations for all factors that challenge precise and accurate long-range shooting, and a collection of useful specs and tactical knowledge related to the sniper’s craft.
    Moreover, this manual offers insight for leaders — or players who focus on other roles — to understand the way snipers think and operate in order to do their own job better; why when employed correctly, snipers are a vital extension for a team of any size. These chapters reveal how snipers are able to be leveraged in any mission and on any battlefield.

Written on 2014-03-07 10:24 by FelixLegion  

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