Author: Giallustio
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.52 beta

Short description: Lift script

Date: 2012-02-05 21:38

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=BTC= Logistic Script


In this script pack you can find two useful scripts, =BTC= Lift and =BTC= Cargo System.
Some features:- easy to config (=BTC=_Logistic_Init.sqf)
- an hud can help you to lift objects
- static objects fall on the ground
- you can drag objects and load them in vehicles
- drop objects from choppers with a chute

Installation / Usage:
Copy "=BTC=_Logistic" folder in your mission folder.
Add in the init.sqf:
_logistic = execVM "=BTC=_Logistic\=BTC=_Logistic_Init.sqf";
Add in the description.ext:
#include "=BTC=_Logistic\=BTC=_Lift\=BTC=_Hud.h"
However a demo mission is included.


Known issues:
- hud is displayed wrong with normal and big interface size.
- can't drop objects over buildings
- At the moment you can load only one object in a vehicle
- You have to add manually "drag action" on spawned objects
- At the moment =BTC= Cargo System is created specially for ammoboxes but you can modify the =BTC=_Logistic_Init.sqf file and drag/load any kind of object (not tested)
- My bad english

Credits & thanks:
=BTC= Black Templars Clan for their help

v0.52 beta
- Fixed minor bugs

v0.51 beta
- Code improved

Forum topic:
- =BTC= Black Templars Clan forums
- BI forums

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