massi's US SFOD 1 Delta released
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massi released the first version of his US SFOD 1 Delta on our forums.
This addon is a retexture of Arma2 OA Delta Force, meant to represent US SFOD 1 DELTA Operators in different camouflages.

Quote massi :
I did this retexture for personal use, but I decided to release it as for my US SFOD1 Delta Operators, hope you’ll like them.
Basically is a retexture of standard BI Delta force, meant to rapresent US Navy SEAL operators in different camo variants in order to give a wider range of operations.
As always please report bugs and suggestions , hope you’ll enjoy this new pack.

    - All the models have working wound textures .
    - Units are equipped with M4 , I've tried to balance the gear as best as I could.
    - Every class (sorted by camos) has a wide variety of roles, and featured groups in the editor.
    - New "Engineer" ability for the sapper , and all the others can hide bodies.
    - Featured content rucksacks.
    - Optional ACE config with ACEX gear available, including ACE "AI talk" module support.
    - 3 Replacement files that replace standard BI US delta force models with the ones in your preferred camo ( desert , acu or temperate), with WORKING WOUND TEXTURES off course!

Written on 2010-10-15 20:11 by Foxhound  

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