Strykers with Slat armour updated
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ExplosiveAids submitted an updated version of the Strykers with SLAT armour addon which he made with Stiltman and RicoADF.
This addon adds five Stryker variants with SLAT armour and extra details, the Strykers are a modified version of the existing three Stryker variants.

    - Added two new Strykers: Medical Evacuation Vehicle (MEV) and Commander's Vehicle (CV)
    - Fixed the issue with the floating steering wheel
    - Changed the texture of the ventilation box
    - Made the SLAT armour slightly wider (it was too narrow before)
    - Improved the SLAT armour LODs (they're more efficient and better-looking now)
    - Improved the high detail SLAT armour model (added the tow cable gate at the front)
    - Added bump/normal maps to the spare wheel, canvas rolls and green bustle pack
    - Slightly improved the shadow LOD (the spare wheel now casts a shadow)
    - Repositioned the spare wheel straps on some of the Strykers to fit properly

Written on 2010-11-23 14:54 by ExplosiveAids  

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