WIP Report - ACE WIP Roundup #3
Work in progress

Sickboy did sent us the latest ACE2 WIP report just before going v1.6 Release Candidate 1.

Quote :
Third edition of small WIP Roundups - containing note worthy changes that do not warrant seperate blog entries.
ACE Mod is nearing v1.6 Stable, with Release Candidate 1 coming up this Friday!
Your bug reports are now more important than ever!

These changes are included in the next Ongoing Development update:
    * Persistent ACE Settings - auto load, and auto save
    * New ACE Settings database instead of clientside config.hpp
    * Realtime ACE Settings changing, incl Keys!
    * Fuel system; transfer fuel between vehicles, and jerrycans. Incl dummy jerrycan on back weapon
    * Ability to load/unload cargo from Air/Ship type next to the earlier Cars
    * Show cargo actions greyed out when cargo is too heavy, etc.
    * Flippable GL sights (Supported by ACEX M4s,M16s,HK416s,G36s)
    * Script Function for swapping M4 with SCAR
    * The extremely hilarious towing script fixed
    * Auto-eject when vehicle almost fully under water, damage to vehicle when fully under water etc.
    * AN M14 Incendiary Grenade
    * Missileguidance speed calculation issues resolved
    * M230 FCS fixed
    * Six Updater now supports the default Steam OA CO installation of seperate ArmA 2, and OA installations
    * Ruckless model replacements, now a userconfig setting.
    * Default BIS Rucks re-enabled on default BIS units; New BI functions gave access to needed things for Stamina, etc.
    * New weapon Crates:
      o Empty; so you can fill them with what you need and cargo them onto a vehicle
      o Separate transport weaponboxes for launchers, and other heavy weapons; realistic amounts, well cargoable (Cargo) etc.
Bug reports, feedback and suggestions, on our Issue Tracker please!

Written on 2010-10-20 18:33 by Sickboy  

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