MBG Nam island released
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Mondkalb informed us he released his MBG Nam island on the BI forums.
With this release he also provided a few missions so you can enjoy this new island immediatly.

Quote Mondkalb :
There we go, I finished my Island: MBG NAM.
A Landlocked terrain set in Vietnam. Laid out for infantry missions/action.

* 5km x 5km High Detail
* Custom Objects
* Rice Paddies
* Dozens of detailed tracks/paths connecting the villages around the area.
* Varying terrain (Hills, Valleys, Rivers, Plains, Swamps)
* Independent of all Vietnam-Mods
* Over two dozen environmental sounds
* A beautiful road that motorcyclists would love
* Waterfalls (Just place the "MBG Nam Waterfall Plugin" found under Modules (F7)
* Old castle ruins
* A small Riddle

Written on 2010-10-20 15:58 by Mondkalb  

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