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Big Dawg KS released an updated version of his BD Tracer Lights addon on the BI Forums. Note: This is compatible with CO but this addon requires build 74094 of OA or greater!

    Quote Big Dawg KS: This fairly simple addon adds appropriately colored light sources to tracers to enhance night combat. The color and
    intensity of the light is determined by the config properties of the ammunition. This addon also works with the NVG
    only tracers on the light machineguns; these tracers emit a very dim light that is barely visible, but can be clearly
    seen through night vision.

    - fixed an error that broke the scripts for vehicles with units in cargo
    - toned down tracer light intensity to 65% of what it was
    - adjusted green tracer light color

Video by AnimalMother92

Written on 2010-11-27 18:24 by Armaholic  

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