WIP Report - ACE WIP Roundup #4
Work in progress

Sickboy did sent us the latest ACE2 WIP report.

Quote :
Fourth edition of small WIP Roundups - containing note worthy changes that do not warrant seperate blog entries.

ACE Mod is nearing v1.6 Stable, with Release Candidate 2 coming up this Friday!
Your bug reports are now more important than ever!

These changes are included in the next Ongoing Development update:
    * Fire does damage to players. #14587
    * Fire propagation from Player to Player, Player to AI, AI to Player and All-Objects to Player. refs #14587
    * New FX, units that eject out of burning tanks or wheeled APCs are screaming and on fire
    * Fixed: Jerrycans are always empty #14593
    * Fixed: Vehicle crew was improperly protected since OA, even with vehicledamage and wounds enabled #14667
    * Fixed: Default transportMagazines and Weapons for various vehicles
    * Fixed: Slingload rope positions for all available choppers #14631
    * Fixed: Cargo was broken
    * Changed: Firemode selector preference is now realtime adjustable
    * Added ability to override stamina class used for units (e.g override civilian behaviour with soldier behaviour etc).
    * Added targeting reticule to Mi24_P Gunner for Ataka target selection (Works much like AH64 longbow) - workaround for no movable turret (model problem). #9671
    * Added AKM, AKMS and AKMS PBS-1 by RobertHammer
    * Added CQB mode to scoped AKs and RPG-7 PGO-7
    * Added animated SVD by Maćko and zGuba
    * Removed: ACE BI Arty module, only backwards compatibility left and custom damage values.
    * Added: ACE_fnc_isBurning, isPilot, and isCrew, each controllable/overridable with object variables
Bug reports, feedback and suggestions, on our Issue Tracker please!

Written on 2010-10-28 12:05 by Sickboy  

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