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Requirements: Arma 2, Community Base addons

Version: 2.666 hotfix 2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod gives you the German and Allied Armed forces from WWII.

Date: 2013-04-14 10:32

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Invasion 1944 - D-Day

Invasion 1944

Here's a brief summary of what's included:
United States - 1st & 29th Infantry Division, 5th Ranger Battalion, 82nd & 101st Parachute Infantry Regiment.
British - Infantry Airborne Division, British Commandos.
Germany - Heer, Heer-Camoflagued, Fallschirmjäger, Schutzstaffel.

With over 30 infantry weapons.

30+ German vehicles - including tanks, recon vehicles and troop carriers.
20+ Allied vehicles - including tanks, recon vehicles, troop carriers and landing craft.

15+ Allied Axis fighters, bombers and transport planes

Omaha V2 (Greatly enhanced and expanded)
Merderet V2 (Re-imagined and expanded)
Merderet Winter Version
Battle of the Bulge map by prowler
Neaville by McNools

40 MP Missions
15 SP Missions

Over an hour of original music by SFG

Ballistics coding
Weapon Resting (automatic or manual)
Prone AT Weapon Firing
Custom Weapon Animations (holding and reloading)
New movement animations (jumping, crouch sliding etc)
Hit animations
New detailed player wounding system
Overhauled In-game User interface
Hand signals
Crew served weapons (Moving/Rotating static weapons, adding/removing ammo, mounting/unmounting weapons on tripods)
Crate vehicle-loading system
Overpressure effect
Tank damage and immersion system
New Tank HUD
New cursor- name tag system
New main menu UI

This is the full version 2.666 of the Invasion 1944 - D-Day mod!!
This archive contains all patches released up until patch version 2.666 hotfix 2!

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:
To many to list

This mod requires both ArmA2 AND Operation Arrowhead to be installed as Combined Operations to work as intended. It will not work on a standalone ARMA2 or Operation Arrowhead installation as it uses many content and features from both.


If you'd like to contact us, visit our public forums at the link below, you can also find news on future releases, community events, groups, and mission releases:

Credits & Thanks:
-The Team & Contributors- (Alphabetically)
Guy Thomas
Homer Johnston

Bohemia Interactive Studios

3rd party past and present:
[FF] Studio - Kubelwagen and Opel Blitz, both edited by us.
Johnsart - Several items such as bunkers (using textures owned by us).
Mikebart - Grass (scenery, NOT the smokable kind :P)
Amon from CSM Mod and Wolfrug from RUG DSAI Mod - Some sounds/voices.
MadDogX - MG suppressing fire script.
Ballistic Addon Studios - BAS_f MP Mission Framework.
Mr-Murray - Armed-Assault Editing-Guide Deluxe Edition
-eutf-Myke - COOP Essentials
Silola - Dynamic-AI-Creator (DAC)
F2 Team - F2 Framework
i0n0s - RTE for ArmA II
DMarkwick - JTD ClearHorizons
The Few - CSJ and Yac for letting us use their toys!
Hell in the Pacific - For all their support, and Waxbutters lovely British toys!

Many thanks to:
All former active members of Invasion 1944 that contributed to any release(s) (OFP, ArmA1, ArmA2 etc), together we've created well over 95% of what is featured in this release ourselves.
Marfy in particular - for all his vehicles.
As well as (among others) - Klallo, Sebastian Müller, Rufus, Matthias Putzer, Zwadar, Jean Christophe, Joker etc.
Kelly's Heroes - for providing us with a dedicated server and a few bodies to help test the mod and our MP missions!
The Silent Warriors squad and their admins Thumper & Wasp - For providing us with a dedicated server to test on, as well as their members for testing!
ShackTactical - for helping with MP testing!
6th Airborne Division - also for helping to test the mod.
Rewan - Help on how to use some mission related scripts. - For constantly posting news about our mod, hosting our forum and for hosting the release(s).
ArmAholic - For constantly posting news about our mod.
Old Bear and Foxhound - For making those newsposts available.
Hans Ludwig, Makabi, Dinamarth - For posting feedback on our forums.
Duggedank, DocMcJansen, and Forgotten Honor - For setting up, and recording the German radio/DAC voices, its great to finally get those Russian voices out of the German faction! Especially Alan "DocMcJansen" McKinley for actually recording all those lines of dialogue!
Mark "Stronkie" Stronks - For all his help, great mission making/modifying skills and support with organising Forgotten Honor and general awesome support of the mod!
Darrell "Jman" Martin - For helping setup the installers, distribution, running servers, teamspeak, and general all round support of the mod and organisation of Kelly's Heroes!
Dan "Dark Fenix" Kirk - For suggesting we add an ice cream truck... see I told you I'd remember one day!
Waxbutter - For providing us with his British Infantry, Cromwell and BMW sidecar motorcycle units!
Dimitri Harov - For his flamethrower scripts and other support and assistance.
Krätzer - For his Flamethrower from the Pacific mod, and all his support along the way!

All others that posted on our forum.
And everyone else we forgot.

v2.666 hotfix 2
- [2.666] FIXED Armor module was not working correctly
- [2.666] FIXED New Willy's Jeep model 30cal not turning
- [2.666] FIXED Neaville tree geometry
- [2.666] FIXED Cromwell missing ammo
- [2.666] FIXED Easy Red 1-64 debugging and landing

- [2.666] FIXED Armor module debugging visible

- [2.66] NEW Parachute module for automated removal (No module = no parachutes on ground, Module = parachutes on ground, default is to disappear after 5 minutes, Module w/ init line "I44_parachute_life = XXX;" - parachute on ground, disappears after XXX seconds, Module w/ init line "I44_parachute_life = -1"; - parachute on ground, does not disappear
- [2.66] NEW 2D/3D scope switching for all 3D scope enabled rifles
- [2.66] NEW SdKfz 124 Wespe added to GE Heer - Armor
- [2.66] NEW Tiger textures
- [2.66] NEW Bunker + Trench objects on Omaha_v2
- [2.66] NEW Omaha_v2 Updated with WN stations and more roads
- [2.66] NEW Construction system overhauled (increased build time, proper foxhole available)
- [2.66] NEW Construction engineer value added (I44_BG_builder true/false enables non-engineer classed units to build heavy items)
- [2.66] NEW MG42 Bipod for tobruk bunkers added
- [2.66] NEW German General added to GE Heer faction
- [2.66] NEW Pak40 Pintle Casemate static added (for placement inside bunkers, limited 60 degree turning arc)
- [2.66] NEW New rounds for Sherman and M1 AT guns (such as Canister shot)
- [2.66] NEW ANTI-TURNOVER TANK v1.0, By Miguel Rodriguez ( - Murcielago_ESP) added to Armor Module
- [2.66] NEW Hull turn towards enemy script for Arma 2 by schaefsky added to Armor Module

- [2.66] FIXED Various animation source missing errors
- [2.66] FIXED Transparent helmets + gear
- [2.66] FIXED Panther hull turning transparent in smoke
- [2.66] FIXED Sherman Firefly turned out rotation
- [2.66] FIXED Churchill fire geometry
- [2.66] FIXED Mines not damaging armored vehicles
- [2.66] FIXED Tank max speeds
- [2.66] FIXED Tanks damage reverting to full when hit
- [2.66] FIXED Mortar roadway area reduced
- [2.66] FIXED Parachute far LOD color
- [2.66] FIXED Static objects (bunkers, foxholes, trenches) improved geometry + pathways
- [2.66] FIXED AI base skill levels improved
- [2.66] FIXED Many classnames corrected/added for map objects
- [2.66] FIXED Many tank geometry's fixed
- [2.66] FIXED Belgian Gates (element C's) no longer produce house rubble when destroyed

MP Missions:
I44_COOP_Easy_Red_1-64_v2-66.I44_Omaha_v2 - Brand new 64 player Co-op, players are tasked with capturing and clearing the WN stations along Easy Red Beach on D-Day. Should see much better performance than previous D-Day missions!

All Battlegrounds C&H updated to v2.66 with the following changes:
-TPW Suppression updated to latest release
-Teleport to squad leader available from ALL flags
-Construction added, assault and engineer classes have shovels which can be used for building defensive objects, only engineers can build sandbags and hedgehogs
-Rebalanced vehicle selection on all maps
-Removed crew check due to performance issues, vehicle spawn locations adjusted
-Markers should now only appear on Recruit/Regular difficulty modes
-Diary updated with accurate information and tips on gameplay
-Weapon loadouts overhauled for better balance and mix of equipment
-Lots of performance improvements for scripts should see much better server FPS

NOTE: Two versions of the 100 player C&H Omaha Invasion mission included, v2.66a with landing sequence, and v2.66b with Rangers starting on the beach. Version 2.66a is the intended version, but in case landing sequence degrades performance v2.66b has been included.

KNOWN ISSUES: Older missions set on Omaha beach may not function correctly/at all with the updated map, use old missions at your own risk!

Forum topic:
- Invasion 1944 forums
- BI forums

- Arma 2
- Community Base addons

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