Author: Law-Giver
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Requirements: No addons required (except the islands)
Island(s): Sahrani, Alameda, Barbuda
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Version: Waco LG

Date: 2010-11-18 15:52

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Law-Givers Warface 1.1.8a No Addons Edit

Doomguy. Edited by Law-Giver

This is basically Warfare 1.1.8a but with all the Ace addons and other addons that have to be downloaded, removed. Like me you loved Warfare but didn't want the additional addons. Well here it is, with a few additions.

Warface brings challenging cooperative play to the Warfare mission. The goal is to provide multiple human players with AI opposition that is tough enough to require proper teamwork to beat.
Warface is based on BIS Warfare v1.1, but makes heavy modifications. There are gameplay enhancements and fixes, balance tweaks, AI improvements, and unit additions.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA\MPMissions folder.

v Waco LG
- Added Ai markers & mando hitch!
- Fixed tower markers. Work properly now. Oops!!!
- Fixed Scalar error at Iguana & Dolores. Oops!!!
- Added addon version & separate mp files.

v Waco 1.1.75jw LG
- Added random distant explosion sound effect.
- Fixed the radio tower markers. Realised they weren't disappearing when destroyed etc. Oops!!!
- Added set terrain and view distance configuration.
- Added start intro sound. Can't remember where i pinched it from. Thanks anyway!
- Changed wire defences round Med' tents to Hesco Wall. They were disappearing on town capture!
- Added new island IC Alameda.
- Created Waco_Warfare_LG addon version & separate MP files. ;-)
- Added more towns to IC Alameda.

First Release
- Painstainkly removed Ace Mod dependency.
- Removed any other non required addons.
- Base layout and respawn location changes.
- Town bases painstakingly positioned.
- Added near explosion sound.
- Removed a few things. Added a few things. ;-)
- Added new islands.
- Added 'Graphics' GUI. Player can set view distance.
- Added 'Graphics' GUI. Headbug fix button.
- Added ability to remove defences by striking 'Delete' Button on your keyboard.
- Added build ammocrate.
- Added build minefield.
- Removed Spotlight.
- Changed the radio icon. Now looks like a radio.

Credits & thanks:
Editing Warface: Creating 1.175l.LG
Law-Giver, Jon Winchester

Warface: Doomguy, Boris Eberhart

The many creators of ACE!

SPON Core & Map: Spooner

Data\Icons\con_ammo_crate.paa: Revellion and Benny, creators of Warfare RBT

And of course the creators of Armed Assault and the original Warfare mission: Bohemia Interactive Studios

And Armaholic for hosting and being my daily addiction

- IC Alameda
- Isla Barbuda

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