Author: ZoneKiller
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: A script that automatically gives AI the choice to enter/disembark from vehicles

Date: 2010-11-05 08:07

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Zonekiller's AI Vehicle Control System


This script is a big part of my battlefield missions, what it does is invite AI to use the vehicle the script is attached to, also adds respawn if you wish and it will delete the vehicle once it is destroyed, if the vehicle gets left somewhere it will respawn or die within 5 min, if someone gets in it at 4 minutes it will reset the clock back and can be left for 5 minutes again. The script works for empty units and AI units as well as players.

  • AI will pick up AI and players can pickup AI not in there group
  • AI will not pickup a player but you can still get in
  • Sometimes the AI dont want you in their vehicle so they will stop, and turn off the engine till you get out
  • Even if a player is driving , a AI may get in as gunner
  • The AI are not forced into the vehicles so if they dont want to get in they wont and will sometimes just change vehicles because that one looks better
  • There will always be some cargo seats for left for players
  • However you create the vehicle thats how it will spawn, Flying, with crew , without crew , even full of cargo units
  • Just have a group moveincargo into a truck or plane and it will respawn with a group inside it every time after that
  • AI will pull out a dead person and take his place
  • The script works in ARMA 2 , OA
  • Will work on servers and in single play
  • Will also work with createvehicle

  • Usage:
    All you need to do is put this in the init of the vehicle and place a marker anywhere on the map, the marker is used to turn off respawn for CTI missions, you can set as many vehicles to one marker as you want, when not a CTI mission the marker is used to keep the respawn on.

    It should not upset waypoints or scripted move commands, they just get there faster, Yes it is a FSM script it works faster with less effort.

    You must add this to the init line for the script to work

    The Init Line:
    nil = [this,west,1,"marker",0] execFSM "FSM\AI_Driver.fsm";

    It will work on all vehicles and addons, you can open a FSM file in notepad but it just looks very messy, near the top of the file you will see this: (The only 5 things you need to adjust, everything else it gets the info it needs from the vehicle)

    You can download the BIS FSM EDITOR if you want a look inside the script
    Download the BIS FSM EDITOR here

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    - BI forums

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