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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

Short description: This script picks randomly a position based on preplaced markers and moves units there.

Date: 2010-11-10 08:26

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This script picks randomly a position based on preplaced markers and moves units there. Places are defined for each side, there can be different number of them for each. A start marker is created at the position, only shown for players on the specific side.
It moves vehicles, tents etc as well, remembering all the relative positions.

The positions of all units and objects to be moved are based on their relative position to the first marker (for example startpos_east_1). What this means is that you should place your objects around/on top of the first marker.
For example, the randomizer decides that the starting position is startpos_east_2 instead of startpos_east_1. All the objects will be moved and placed to same direction and distance from the position 2 marker that they were from position marker 1.

Marker naming:
All markers need to start with "startpos", following an underscore, side or faction. After
those are an underscore and an incremental integer. First number is 1.


Valid sides and factions:

"civ_ru" (the normal civ faction is named civ, which is same as the civilian side)

Syntax for all sides having same amount of possible location:
[number] call compile preprocessfile "SHK_startingPositionRandomizer.sqf";

[3] call compile preprocessfile "SHK_startingPositionRandomizer.sqf";

Parameters for sides having different amount of possible location:
[[side or faction,number],[side or faction,number]]

If the values given contain both faction and side to which a unit belongs to, the one which is given first is used.

In this example the unit will be moved to the usmc location instead of the west.

Parameters to move more objects than just players, for example empty vehicles or ammo crates:
Valid ways to pass objects:
- Listing their names
- Name them similarly and give the name "tag" and count of them

[side or faction,number,[objName1,objName2,[objNameTag,count of objects]]]

In this example objects which will be moved are:
uaz, truck, hmmvee, aav and eastobject_1, eastobject_2, weststuff_1, weststuff_2 and weststuff_3

- Example video made for members of Kyllikki:

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- BI forums

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