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Requirements: German Civil Pack, German Weapon Pack, Skoda Octavia

Version: 1.3
Signed: Yes

Short description: This addon contains different German Police units and vehicles.

Date: 2012-02-12 15:00

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German Police Pack

This Pack presents the executive organs of Germany between 1976 - 2005.
The West German Uniform was made by Heinz Oestergaard in 1972 and introduced in 1976. The BGS variant had only old ranks and green trousers. The East Germans called their Police "Volkspolizei" (People Police). In this pack there also two railway policemen. The West called it "Bahnpolizei" and the East "Transportpolizei".

After the German reunion in 1990 the eastern Transportpolizei was merged with the Bahnpolizei (i.e. BGS, federal police), while the Volkspolizei forces were distributed among the newly formed federal states where they are subordinated
to the respective interior ministry.

At the time I have only made the west german customs officer (Zöllner).

- German Policemen (east/west 1985/1991)
- East German Policecar Lada (1985/1991)
- Customs Officers (West Germany & Today)
- Railway Policeman (East/West)
- Skoda Octavia Policecar (saxony)

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Included .pbo files:

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You can find these units in the editor under:
-> Civil -> GDR/Germany ->Men/Woman or ->Car

mondkalb for his great help

Change log:
- New Customs Officers/vehicle Units added
- Weapons changes (Walther P5)

- The policemen textures and materials were refurbished to OA standards. But they don't use bagsystem, because thats not real.

- file system restructured
- policemen models updated

- file system restructured

- West Policemen for every german state
- West German train policeman
- Military Police Lada deleted
- file system restructured

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- BI forums

- German Civil Pack
- German Weapon Pack
- Skoda Octavia

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