WIP Report - ACE WIP Roundup #5
Work in progress

Sickboy did sent us the latest ACE2 WIP report.

Quote :
With ACE 1.6 stable released some days ago, we're working hard on v1.7.
This is the first WIP report for the upcoming v1.7 version - containing note worthy changes that do not warrant seperate blog entries. These changes are included in the next Ongoing Development update.:
    * Optimized ACE eventhandlers and initialization
    * Optimized CBA eventhandlers and initialization (+XEH)
    * XEH Support for addons that use native eventhandlers/are XEH incompatible. Fixed XEH bugs with 1.55, new Extended_FiredBIS_Eventhandlers to support new native fired eh parameters
    * Improved XEH Respawn handler
    * Fixed UAV Hellfires uncontrollable. They are now fired LOAL, and lock on your own laser-dot or that of someone else (so you can use external designator too)
    * Fixed: Backwards compat for some missions
    * Fixed: Saclos guidance of Tunguska.
    * Added: Ability to flip ATV-on-side/back
    * Added; Exchange magazines between vehicle weapons and player weapons
    * Added: Explosion fx for players, knock out etc.
    * Added Swimming Fix, based on RG's TrueMods
    * Added: Many 3rd party missions for ACE
    * Moved: All missions from store\mpmissions.tar into acex_missions and acex_usnavy_missions
    * Buckshot ammo for shotguns returns
    * Rifles with GL have different recoil
Bug reports, feedback and suggestions, on our Issue Tracker please!

Written on 2010-11-17 14:11 by Sickboy  

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