PvPscene Tweaks: 'Hardcore mode' (Visuals) for vehicles
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PvPscene Tweaks: 'Hardcore mode' (Visuals) for vehicles. Let me present you a set of tweaks others call 'Hardcore mode':
  • ReducedVehicleHUD (Gameplay)
      Removes digital heading and speed display for all vehicles, the fuel display from all ground vehicles, the armor display from all but helicopters and finally the weapon display from all airplanes and non combat helicopters.
  • RemovedRadarAndCompassOfAirUnits (Gameplay)
      Removes the compass of most air units that have instruments inbuilt. Removes the radar from all chopper pilots and only leaves it to combat chopper gunners. A10, Su25, L39 and all non combat planes no longer have a radar either.
  • RemovedRadarOfGroundUnits (Gameplay)
      Removes the radar from all static weapons and ground vehicles except the Shilka and the Tunguska.
  • RemovedVehicleCursors (Gameplay)
      Removes all vehicles cursors for driver/pilot/gunner/commander. Instead one has to use optics / weapon sights or tracers to aim.
    Watch the ImageShack slideshow to see the changes in a before-after comparison for each vehicle type and position (single pictures).

    Two more tweaks you can spot, if you look closely:
    • The MovedRadarToTopCenter (Visuals) puts the radar to the top center to make it easier to look at.
    • Thanks to defunkt the AH1Z offers a MFD now with the MFDforAH1Z by defunkt (Visuals) tweak.
  • That's it for today. See you tomorrow with another tweak in the spotlight.

Written on 2010-11-26 21:17 by kju  

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