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shay_gman sent us the latest news about the MCC Sandbox project. The MCC Sandbox tool can help you to create missions on the fly.

    Quote shay_gman : This tool is mainly used for easy and fast creating of missions on the fly in multiplayer servers.
    With just a few mouse click you'll have a random complex and quality mission.
    Now you can make all the missions you ever wanted to do without any prior knowledge in scripting. You can paradrop into the action, drive in a convoy or fast ropping to the action. You can be Bluefor, Opfor and even resistance.
    You can save and load your mission to dedicated servers while in-game without being the admin or without getting to the server FTP.
    If you are tired of replaying the same mission again and again with your community, just log in to MCC Sandbox and make a superb mission in 5 minutes.

    MCC Sandbox is the redone of the MCC that was published by Spirit, who I'm working with him on that project for a few months now. It's the main mission making tool of the MARSOC community and it tested and evaluated over time.

    The idea of MCC Sandbox is "If u can think it u can make it" so I did try to combine some of the good scripts out there to one easy platform that even my nephew can use it. So if you have an idea for a mission log in and challenge MCC.
    The ETA for this is the upcoming week.

    I didn't made MCC just redone it by adding a bunch of stuff and a new GUI.
    Some of the scripts aren't mine and they have been used with permission.

You can find more information in this topic.

Written on 2010-11-27 19:21 by shay_gman  

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