PvPscene Tweaks: 'OFP' like Visuals
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Let me present you a set of visual tweaks that make the game more OFP design like:
  • OFPLockCursor (Visuals): Changes the look of the lock cursor to the OFP design.
  • OFPLookForCompassBar (Visuals): Changes the look of the top compass bar to the OFP design.
  • OFPRadarSideColors (Visuals): More vivid colors for radar targets like in OFP.
  • OFPRoundCornerElement (Visuals): The map view, action menu, hints interface uses the OFP like round corners.
  • OFPSquadOrientation (Visuals): Changes the look of the squad orientation indicator to the OFP design.
  • MovedSquadOrientationToTheCenter (Visuals): Moves the squad orientation icon to the lower center instead of lower right to make it easy to view.
  • OFPStylePlayerIcon (Visuals): Better looking player slot icon in the editor.
  • OFPTankDirectionLook (Visuals): Replaces the tank direction UI dialog with the ArmA one.
Watch the ImageShack slideshow to see the changes in a before-after comparison for each vehicle type and position (single pictures).
Note: - You are best to combine them with the 'Hardcore mode' tweaks you got to know last time.

That's it for today. See you tomorrow with another tweak in the spotlight.

Written on 2010-11-28 18:37 by kju  

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