Acrostar BD-5J Micro Jet second beta released
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BWPH4273 released the second beta version of his Acrostar BD-5J Micro Jet on our forums.

    Quote BWPH4273 : This is a BETA release of the BD-5J for Arma2/Operation Arrowhead/Combined Operations.
    The model is based on the real plane but the weapon systems are added just for the game play. The bd-5j is fun to fly
    but with the addition of weapons its much better. This is a BETA release for the purpose of testing and feedback on the addon.
    As so there may be issues/bugs which will be addressed in the near future. All known issues/bugs are listed on the downloadpage.

    • New features:
      • - folding wing animation.
        - added ability to turn warning sounds on/off.
        - added new variants and factions.(variants- multirole, air to ground, and air to air ver.)(factions- USAF, Russian, Takistan, Civilian, and Independent.)
        - added new skins. black, camo, gray, and 3 civilian skins.
        - added 2 new (fictional) missiles. AIM-105 air-air, AMG-40 air-ground.
        - signed addon and included server key.
    • Fixed:
      • - wreck model no longer sinks into the ground

Written on 2010-12-12 12:11 by bwph4273  

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