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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Takistan
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-11-30 18:28

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Battlefield 3 -It's my oil-


This is the first of any of my BattleField Mission to go single player. I will make a point to make all the new ones in SP as well.

This has all the features of the MP version including all the params and endless respawns. You can choose which side you wish to play on. What vehicles are in the mission, time of day.

you get a menu at mission start which you can select how you want to play the game. The defaults are already set but change it around and it will be a different Mission every time.

This is a close range full-on mayhem battle, Your dodging bullets bombs missiles all while trying to get a clean shot at the enemy, and there are plenty of them.

All up there are 3 side with 2 factions for each side and they dont stop comming, 50 + vehicles at any one time. The Mission will create over 1000 AI every 1 to 2 hours.

There are quite a few effects , Screaming, Swearing ,Burning and some good things as you see the AI carry in there wounded, Kinda gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

The objective is simple just take and hold 9 bases "Oil Fields", Sounds simple enough.

Parameters menu:
  • Set time of day
  • Respawn Delay
  • Set the amount of AI units
  • Set the mission not to end
  • Set the amount of vehicles per Base
  • Set the vehicles to respawn or not
  • Set the Spawn points for the AI units
  • Set the grass on , off or medium
  • Set The AI amount per side
  • Set the mission to Quickstart
  • Set Minefields on , off or random
  • Set the type of vehicles in the Mission
  • Set the AI units Skill Level

  • Additional info:
    There are options to select weapon layouts from any unit on your side
    4 camera views , Auto view for all units or just PLAYERS , has a health and distance meter for the players, which you can cycle through while the camera is on someone else. The main point is the mini map with this you click on one of your bases to respawn in the medic tent at that base. There is a help button if you need it.As well as a hide button so you can still get good screen shots. Also more screaming and swearing --- some sounds from norrins revive ---
    You can be revived by Players or AI just by them being within 1 meter distance of you.

    Now for the Game Play
    Kill it before it kills you – Maybe want to take out some of his friends to.
    Have the right weapon for the job. Bigger is better.

    Get to a base that is not your colour. Try not to step on any landmines near the base. Kinda upseting to fight your way all the way to the base then blowing up just outside. Get within 10 meters of the flagpole and kill everyone at the base that NOT on your side. When the Flag changes you get new weapons and new random vehicles, and the Base is yours , all you have to do is that 9 times.

    This is a Revive\Respawn Mission with a new style respawn setup

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder.

    Things you might find that may get in your way, SMART AI:
    They can do anything you can, They can drive a tank to a base swap to the gunners seat blow the hell out of you then swap back and drive away. And the only revenge you get is that the camera will give you a quick view of who killed you AGAIN so at least you know who to try and target.
    As when you take over a base you get vehicles so do the AI and they will use them against you , tho its not hard to work out what is an AI or PLAYER controlled vehicle, Normally the AI are better.

    If your getting close to Winning and feeling proud of yourself, That feeling may go away as every side has a last line of defence -AIR SUPPORT- while any side has less than 2 bases they get Air Support , now you have planes to deal with which make your vehicles a nice target.

    You can change the Mission around in the starting parameters from time of day to what type of vehicles are in the Mission, Mix and match , They all change the Mission in one way or another, Even tho everything is purly random to start with.

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