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Date: 2007-05-16 10:44

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Armed Assault 101st Airborne Division Addon

101st Airborne Division

A new member over at the BIS forums asked me if I could make him some units from the 502nd Regiment of the 101st "Screaming Eagles" Airborne Division.
At the current point in time, all that entails was adding 101st unit patches and 502nd ACH patches. So this is basically all this addon is, but I suppose every little bit helps.

Don't forget - US airborne divisions don't get attached armour, so you'll still need the 1st Infantry Division crewdogs to drive the lazy buggers around should they need armored support!


  • Milspec ACU textures (well, for what I can do without the tools)
  • Matching normal maps to make things not look so bad
  • Different ACU-patterned vests to reduce "clone-ness"
  • BIS-compatible

Simply extract the CMCD_101.PBO file you find in the archive, and stick it the ArmA\Addons folder, or the mod folder of your choice.
Run the game, enter the editor, and you'll find these units under BLUFOR\101st Airborne Division.
You will find the groups under BLUFOR\101st Airborne Division Squads.

Included files:

No example mission at this point in time, but I'm working on something, trust me.
Don't forget - I shotgun the OFPEC tag: "CMCD_" - touch and YOUR HEAD A-SPLODE.

  • CMCD_101Rifleman
  • CMCD_101AutomaticRifleman
  • CMCD_101MachineGunner
  • CMCD_101Grenadier
  • CMCD_101ATSpecialist
  • CMCD_101AASpecialist
  • CMCD_101SquadLeader
  • CMCD_101TeamLeader
  • CMCD_101DesignatedMarksman
  • CMCD_101Officer
  • CMCD_101GarrisonUnit
  • CMCD_101Medic
  • CMCD_101Sniper
  • CMCD_101Engineer

- Incorrect equipment being worn, damn Marines.
- New vests (IOTVs) will be phased in by December this year, so when O2 arrives...
- All units except the sniper have PFC ranks, this is due to sharing of the textures.

BIS - ACU base texture, model, normal maps, etc.
Majoris23, Pauliesss, JBlack - helpful comments (apologies to any I missed).
Olemissrebel, Rustman - pictures and comments.
Ebud, .Johnny, Dirty Harry, surpher - help with normal maps.

License and disclaimer:
You are permitted to install and use this software for personal entertainment purposes only. Any commercial or military use is strictly forbidden without permission from the author, unless several billion AUD are paid into his personal account.

You are free to distribute this software as you wish, as long as it is kept 100% free of charge, it is not modified in any way and this readme file is distributed with it. Change it if you wish, but do NOT distribute the result without my permission - I'll be quite miffed. This goes for any mods too. Got my eyes on you.

The author takes no responsibility for any damages this program may cause, use at your own risk. This includes BSODs, WSODs, GSODs and YSODs, relationship failures, hardware detonations, etc etc ad infinitum.

Thanks for reading the readme. Please post constructive criticism (abuse usually not welcome, but certainly rebuffed harshly) in the BIS forums thread where this addon was found, or compliments if you feel that way inclined.

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