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NZXSHADOWS released an updated version of his US Military Vehicles addon on the BI forums.
This contains different US Military Vehicles from the US Army and the USMC.

    Quote NZXSHADOWS :
    Here is an updated M1151 HMWWV for those interested in the addon. I've also included a very early stage WIP of the M-ATV that I have been messing around with. Its not really useable at the moment. Needs just about everything done to it. Its mostly just 1 visual lod an nothing more. But give it a try an let me know what you think about.

    This contains the following vehicles:
    • West
        - M1151 M2 Woodland = US Army/USMC
        - M1151 M2 Desert = US Army/USMC
        - MATV M2 Desert - Early Alpha = US Army
        - M1151 M2 = UN
        - M1151 M2 = PMC Variants
    • East
        - M1151 M2 = Taki Military

Written on 2011-05-13 08:57 by NZXSHADOWS  

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