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CSLA (Czechoslovak People's Army)
Brand new models of powerfull MiG-29A Fulcrum will be also included in the initial release. The model was completely reworked (from the ArmA1) with many improovements as are for example functional flaps/covers for the air intakes of turbines. Those are closed when the plane is taxiing on the runway. In this moment the small intakes on the upper side are opened as secondary air intake for the turbines. Once the plane takes off those secondary intakes are closed and main intakes under fuselage are opened as in the reality when the plane want to start from the field runway.

AFMC (Armed Forces of the Midland Coalition)
As the AFMC is the small coalition of few countries, each country have own budget for the armory. From this reason you can see in this alliance mainly US and UK arsenal as are for example Land Rovers, rifles FN FAL, APCs M113, Blackhawks with Littlebirds and AH-1T Cobras.
Now you may see also first plane for the AFMC alliance - A-10 Thunderbolt II known as the "Warthog". This plane is main opponent for the ČSLA planes as are L-39ZA Albatros and Su-25K Frogfoot.
AFMC doesn't have now any proper plane as to be opponent for the czechoslovak MiG-29A Fulcrum, but ...

And when we are presenting the new planes for the ČSLA and AFMC factions, let me please you to present also the plane for the FIA.
It's well known Antonov An-2 which was in Chernarusia used for the personal cargo and in farming.
Rebels from FIA has in their rows also few people which were in the civilian life pilots. So now they can provide some observations over the Chernarusian woods and they can also use those An-2 (known as "Andula") for carry out any supplies etc. But the number of those planes is limited of course.

Last but not least ... the small whisper about what can be released later in some upcoming patch.
On the screen below you can see only a part of ****. So, stay tuned for later news.

CSLA Studio
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... and for those who don't understand to our joke with bunker, here are original screens:

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