PvPscene Tweaks: MapReplacement (Gameplay)
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To open the map replacement press shift/alt/ctrl plus the "map" key action. By default most easy to do by right alt and M.

  • Instantly visible and instantly closed
  • No forced kneel down animation
  • Remembers the zoom level and position from the last use
  • Shows direction if compass is available (top center middle)
  • Shows height if GPS is available (left center middle)
  • Shows grid cords if GPS is available (right center middle)
  • Available in vehicles at any position
  • Only available if map item in the inventory
  • Uses special .ext settings if defined (showGPS/showCompass/showMap)
The satellite texture has full coloring too and remains even when zoomed out.
Watch the ImageShack slideshow to see the changes in a before-after comparison (single pictures).

The complete map view looks good and gives good insights into the terrain (single pictures).
(PS: imageshack degrades the quality drastically - looks very sharp and colored ingame)

Suggestions and ideas welcome.
If you are a coder, be sure to check:
Map replacement addon - Do you want to join up in the development?

Written on 2010-12-08 19:45 by kju  

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