J.S.R.S. Mod 1.32 hotfix released!
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LordJarhead has released a hotfix for the J.S.R.S. Mod version 1.32 on the BI forums.

    Quote LordJarhead :
    This is the HotFix for 1.32 full which goes for the M4 Burst and Bradley errors, I hope at least!
    This AddOns is a Soundmod for Arma2 CO! It requires Arma2 CO!

    "JSRS" is a audio-modification for Arma2 CO. The mod puts their attention to noises of weapons, explosions and vehicles. Moreover, some additional DLC's lets the user adjust the mod! Plus: Sounds for the environment, bullet hits, the entire movement of the soldiers, Sonic-cracks and much more. All in all a very balanced mod that produces a richer sound experience.

Written on 2011-06-29 23:19 by Foxhound  

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