WIP Report - Reduced Models to improve FPS
Work in progress

kju informed us about his next project "Reduced Models to improve FPS" for which he needs testers and feedback.

    Quote kju :
    You can now easily downscale the model complexity and/or textures of vegetation and object PBOs yourself.
    If you not familiar with the idea, you find further reading here, here and here.
    Let's see what xmongx said:
      ive used it to quickly remove the first two lods from plants_e (batch file makes it so easy) and have a massive grin on my face as a result, the OA vegetation was way too heavy for my old GPU (8800GTS) so AA was a big nono. After removing the first two lods all now seems fine
    Watch the ImageShack slideshow to see the changes of removing the highest Resolution LOD again and again (source pictures for HQ).

    Your part
    a) Check if the process works for you
    b) Share in here what effects you can measure FPS wise
    c) and see visual quality wise by removing 1, 2 or more LODs
    (first and/or last).

You can find more info and leave your feedback in the Reduced Models to improve FPS topic.

Written on 2010-12-12 09:07 by kju  

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