2003 HMMWV pack by ExplosiveAids and Stiltman updated
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ExplosiveAids has submitted an updated version of his 2003 HMMWV pack for armed assault.

    Quote ExplosiveAids :
    Early model HMMWVs with additional details and weathered textures:
      - Twelve HMMWV variants from 2003 onwards.
      - Weathered textures.
      - Additional details (razorwire, spare tyres, bumpers, bull-bars etc.)
      - New variants with unique attributes.

    Changes in this version:
    - Added three brand new HMMWV variants:
      - USMC recon Humvee
      - unarmed troop-carrier
      - armed troop-carrier
    - Added three new desert tan HMMWVs
    - Redesigned the original green HMMWVs and removed the normal map details from the doors and the vents from the rear.

    The ArmA2 conversion of v1.2 is now in progress btw, and Stiltman will release it as soon as he's finished.

Written on 2011-02-03 09:12 by ExplosiveAids  

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