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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core

Version: 2.0 final

Short description: This script only controls the number of lives the messages and the markers, everythings else it's controled by ACE wounding system.

Date: 2013-05-31 21:36

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Revive script for ACE2 Wounding system


First of all, most of the code that uses this revive script it's inside ACE2, so most of the credits goes to ACE team and specially to Xeno for his great wounding module.

This script only controls the number of lives, the messages and the markers, everything else it's controlled by ACE wounding system, so read ACE manual for more info about healing carrying wounded and all that stuff.

It has a lot of configurable options, read the readme for more info. Still it tries to use the less resources possible, there is no loops server-side and only one globalvariable used, so it's a really light revive script.

Addon version:
This also contains an addon version which is still undocumented.
Please use the advanced modules addon( only required to load it for editing the mission) for now, as it includes ingame documentation that can help you. The only module that needs syncronization its the medevac one, sincronice with it any IA medic or heli that you want. Apart from that the addon version its pretty much undocumented till i have some free time to finish it.

- Fully compatible with ACE wounding system, to be precise it doesn't work without it.
- Persistent lifes stored server side. So if you leave with X lives even if you reconnect you will have the same amount of lifes. Also other info like player position and gear can be saved on disconect.
- PvP ready, you can limit the messages, death markers, ... by side
- Mesages and map markers for wounded(configurable)
- Tested sucesfully in a lot of coop missions up to 40 players, and pvp misions up to 60 players.
- Integrated IA medevac. IA hospital zone, and medevac by heli.

Installation / Usage:
For detailed info check the included readme!

Known issues:
There is a 0.01% chance that when you heal a uncons player he will be healed but stuck on death animation, if that
hapens you can use the fixheadbug under ACE options to workaround it. Its a ACE bug, but i can’t find a way to
reproduce it. It also hapens without using this script ^^.

Author notes:
As always use at your own risk! . Any feedback would be welcome, sorry if the used english isn't totally correct, but as you can imagine it's not my language.
Edit: if anybody wonders about version number... well all previous version where Spanish only that's why i haven't post it.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to CHS comunity for using it on all his missions and Arma2LA for all that feedback.

Change log:
v2.0 final
- Small general corrections(mostly messages not properly displaying).
- Added a option to kick to the lobby to the players that run out of lifes.

v2.0 rc2
- Small spectator related bugfixes.
- Some parameters wheren't correctly read from the init field on the addon version.
- Added addon version documentation
- Added rusian translation to the addon version ( thx to =A2SM= Vladd)

v2.0 rc1
- Optimized all the login sequence, by the use of the new publicVariableServer/client
- Fixed respawn buttons, should work on any ACE version.
- New option that enables saving each X time.
- New option that allows to save backpack data.

- Fixed various bugs on medevac scripts
- Fixed respawn buttons not working correctly on @ACE Build 577 or above(just a visual annoyance, if you had more than 4 respawn points)
- Both AI medics and medevacs can be asigned to a side, so now its totally PvP compatible
- Added a new option to enable medevac heli respawn, respawn timer configurable.
- Added wave respawn(experimental), the results should be similar to what you get with games like the old battlefield's games. Instead off based on the time of player death there is respawn each X time.
- You can enable mission ending if everybody on X side its death or unconscious. Also you can enable a option to kill players/force respawn if there is no way he can be revived( no other alive player IE)

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