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Chill released an updated version of his ToraBora island on the BI forums.
This map is inspired by the afghanistan mountain region Tora Bora.

    Quote Chill :
    This map, inspired by the afghanistan mountain region ToraBora, has altitudes ranging from aprox 2000 to 2750m. A remote and barren outback enviroment. The base of the map is the heightmap of my previous project Aiaktalik, altough reworked, tweaked and modified. The overall height of the map is reduced and roughened up. Also the sat map is completely redone to suit the Takistan textures i've used from OA. Furthermore all objects used so far are all from OA aswell, rocks, trees, bushes etc.

    This Sandbox Edition is the first release of this ToraBora map. It's not completely finished yet, roads and more human features should still be added. It does however offer mission makers a sandbox environment to build upon. Mission makers could add outposts, bases and even villages with the appropriate modules like RTE etc. Apart from the vast humanly untouched terrain there are this time two villages to be found.

    Changes in version 1.5:
    * Improved config (tnx to PvPScene)
    * Tweaked sat / mask map (big yellow dry grass fields are gone)
    * Two caves added in the west of the big mountain (Ai doesnt like them unfortunally...)
    * v2 signature signed
    * Propably more but I forgot

Written on 2011-05-12 21:24 by Chill  

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