WarFX : Blastcore by Opticalsnare updated
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Opticalsnare released an updated version of his WarFX : Blastcore addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Opticalsnare :
    Ok guys sorry I've kept you all waiting. Ive spent most of the weekend going over the Blastcore Visuals R1.2 update, fixing stuff here and there etc etc. The soundmod wont make the release along side with R1.2 i wanted to release it as a big update but its just not ready yet, so that might be next week most likly.

    Anyway, heres the R1.2 update which fixes tons of stuff and imo a vast improvement. Its untested apart from my own personnal testing but appears to be stable. Now that this is a pretty big step forward updates to the mod should be more frequent from now on. If there is a problem or issue with R1.2 it should only be minor and can be quickly fixed once its been reported and made aware.

    As I said before some features of the mod have been removed ie the muzzleflashes this is only temp removal until a method which is more stable is worked on. This isn't the lite version btw its a normal version based on the lite version as its currently imo pretty stable to work from I might make a lite version later on but were see how this floats for the moment.

    The Aircraft NAV Strobe lights are included but I didnt have time to find a way to activate them but they can be activated via mission editor and the vehicle init.
    They are still pretty WIP tho and i still got a few more vehicles to support and also find a way to activate it somehow.

    I got updates for sunlight,tracers and some other shit is well. Sorry the soundmod won't make it today but its better that I finish it properly rather than just rush it incomplete.

    Anyway I need a break so heres the update, have a good un guys hopfully there wont be any problems or issues but i doubt it..

Written on 2011-05-22 22:20 by OpticalSnare  

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