Campaign : Ante Portas by EMSI updated

EMSI has submitted an updated version of his SP campaign Ante Portas for Arma 2. This campaign is compatible with ArmA 2 : Combined Operations.

    - added loading screen which is visible only when the campaign is played under A2:CO
    - removed permanent setting for the stable time (setAccTime 1;) in all missions
    - added scripting command "saveGame" after each important cutscene
    - when the message "MISSION FAILED" appears, last saved position will be loaded (used scripting command "loadGame") or player can load any other previously saved position
    - added few hints and tips in all missions (for players who don't read the briefing)
    - higher altitude for the HALO jump which means more time to provide all necessary maneuvers for landing in DZ
    - hidden enemy Ural during the HALO jump together with waiting NAPA units
    - added few helpful markers on the Chedaky base
    - when player locates primary target on the Chedaky base for the UAV, placing of its personal WPs is disabled (LMB+Shift)
    - tweaked ACM settings in the bonus mission
    - added detailed information and markers for the additional tasks in the bonus mission
    - removed "MISSION FAILED" message in the bonus mission, because campaign will continue also in this case
    - polished english translation (thx Hurby)

Written on 2011-01-08 10:19 by EMSI  

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