Author: Xerxes17
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Requirements: ArmA 2
Island(s): Chernarus
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-12-28 07:52

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Civil Warfare XE - CDF vs. ChDKZ


This mission is a modification of WarBE with the idea of providing a more infantry and low tech environment. The best way to achieve this was to pit two enemies of comparable tech level
against each other. The prices of many units have also been changed significantly, for example an Mi24D is now 35k, an Su25 is 70k and the Grad is now 100k. Gear now has a slower rate of progression with both teams starting out with basic weapons with no optics except for the CZ500 and the RPG7 with V rounds. I do not recommend changing the default parameters beyond possibly turning on ai squads.

Changes from Stock Warfare Benny Edition:
  • Medics and riflemen are now always available from depots.
  • B0- Basic soldiers and medic
  • B1- MG and RPG troops now available.
  • B2- AA troops and snipers now available.
  • B3-Commanders and "stealthy" types available.

Light Factory:
  • LF0- Bikes, Ural, UAZ, UAZ MG, Repair Ural
  • LF1- UAZ AGS, Ural ammo and fuel, BMP2 ambulance.
  • LF3-Grads and ZU23 Urals.

Heavy Factory:
  • HF0- BRDM2 ATGM(2.5k)
  • HF1- BMP2(3.5k)
  • HF2- Shilka(4.8k)
  • HF3- T72(7k)

  • AF0- An2(both), KA60(CDF), UH1H(INS)
  • AF1-Mi17(both)
  • AF2-Mi24D(35k)
  • AF3-SU25(70k)

  • The mortar cost has been increased to 15k per tube, including the mortar bags. D30's are 50k each. Grads are 100k each. This ensures that the only arty that will be close to "common"
    will be the mortar, and most likely as a player's main focus. Also, some form of air should be up, allowing for arty sites to be scouted/destroyed. The arty call system seems to be
    bugged as well, but that's an issue with WarBE.

Static Weapons:
  • No ATGM's for either side, otherwise, full list is available.

Player slot abilities:
  • MASH: Officer and team leader
  • Spot: Snipers
  • Repair: Engineer and Sapper

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

Feel free to dePBO this mission to use as a baseline for any creations you might have. It's how I learned!

A massive thanks to Benny for his amazing WarBE mission and helping me by answering a few questions I had. Why hasn't BIS hired him yet?
Wraith, Imperator_pete and Placid_Box for helping me create and test this mission.

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