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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 1.3
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Unit pack for Lingor Island. Combined Ops or A2+Operation Arrowhead required patched to at least v1.56.

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Date: 2012-05-15 13:22

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Lingor Units


Unit pack for Lingor Island. Combined Ops or A2+Operation Arrowhead required patched to at least v1.56. It consists of:
  1. GAL Faction (Government Army of Lingor) El presidente is cooperating with US and EU governments for the past few years. They exchanged money from oil production for the modern weapons. GAL is now a modern infantry group now, somewhat resembling the forces of Colombia, but to a much lesser extent. Rebel movement ARL is hitting towns hard, so GAL is ready to bring the war to their turf - jungles of the South. Main military complex is in close vicinity of the presidental palace in Capitol of Maruko. It is also well known fact that US and UK and some other European armies train their specops in the highly-humid and mosquito-infested forests of Lingor.
    Small arms are mostly M16s and M4s, while they still use old stocks of RPGs and some RPG18 donated by Russia.
    Fleet of Mig-21MF and A-4M Skyhawks is operating from Maruko Aeropuerto Intl. while F-16s&F/A-18s (not included) usually operate from International forces stationed in FOB Eddie, lead under the command of Royal Sahrani Special Forces Group. A special squadron "Pez Espada" (aka Swordfish) is a group of ace Lingorian pilots that do airshows on Lingor and also attend events on other islands. They use specially painted Mig-21, stripped of all weapons, only flare dispensors are still mounted. Its also a tradition that a rookie pilot must do a first flight in this "trainer" plane.

  2. ARL Faction (Armadas Revolucionarias de Lingor) Southern part of the island is a hiding place for many escaped convicts and drug dealers. Many of the villagers there joined the rebel faction ARL that is fighting for the freedom, control over the entire island. When ARL positions are raided in the jungle, they often retreat to the unreachable places in mountain-areas on SW part of Lingor. When mountain area is bombarded with GAL Mig-21s they use the swamps on SW with excellent anti-air possibilites or even head further East where jungle enables them to hide quickly. Major suppliers are black market weapon dealers which ARL pays out with help of couple of local druglords - in cash or goods...
    Mainly FNFals and AKs, support weapons are RPKs and PKs. Most of the RPGs were stolen from the government ammo caches and outposts. They are known to use face paintings to totally blend in with the jungle.
    ARL obtained its own Mig-21MF fighter/bomber jets, but usually they hide them under canopy trees and transport them to a nearby airport when they are ready to strike. Airport is used for civilian traffic (mainly tourists), but area is much less visited due to the fact that airport is controlled by ARL sympathizers. Tourism is important for income, but major contributor is income from drugs. ARL works closely with couple of local druglords (DRG), most known is Ramon Rabante, with a big $ prize on his head.

  3. Venator PMC Company Venator PMC Group is a European-based mercenary organization that made a deal with El Presidente. Venator is currently training GAL troops, providing security for transports and to objects of strategic value (oilfield, ammo caches, towns, powerplant etc.). They use all kinds of weapons but mainly prefer Herstal FN F2000 or M4A1.
    Vehicle: a special armored van is used for high value cargo. V7 Group is a subsection of Venator that employs local guys for bank money transfer jobs. Van is known to withstand heavy fire and even a HE rocket, but windows are still a big weak point.
    Equipment: Venators usually use escort guys to be less visible in crowds, but their armor and headgear usually gives them away. An assault team uses prohelmets and FN F2000 rifles (ironsight or aimpoint + mounted M203 grenade-launcher). Rifles are known to be a Slovenian variant of their main assault rifle.

  4. Lingor Police El Presidente is using local police (Policia) for various security duties and for protecting towns against rebel attacks. They usually call Army for backup when shit hits the fan and evacuate folks instead. For special tasks there is a FEA unit that usually resolves all of the heavy police tasks (either via dynamic or stealth approach). FEA stands for Fuerzas Especiales Antiterroristas (Special Anti-terrorist Forces). They use M4s and Hecker Koch MP5SDs in most of the operations.
    Vehicle: a special van is used for small teams (up to 5 commandos) and it can reach speeds up to 140 km/h. FEA even uses them for pursuits, but they weakness is offroad capability or better: lack of it.

  5. UniSol Company A mysterious US-based company is present on the island of Lingor with their team of scientists. Their research is highly confidental and there are reports of several locals being shot just for snooping around their research outposts and safehouses. There is a rumor that they might be developing a futuristic soldier, even using genetics and robotic addons.

  6. Civilians & Protestors Local folks just love to wear various tshirts. And when it gets really hot they wear short pants for the most of the time. There are numerous reports that not all are friendly to the government army and PMC group. They are known to throw rocks and smoke bombs. And usually a trigger happy soldier then puts a bullet into their head...
    (used via Ambient Civilians - Expansion)
    Vehicle: a special van is used by paramedics with a powerful engine to respond to emergency calls. A same van is also used (mostly painted bright gray) for transportation, but engine is not that powerful.

- five factions: GAL (Government Army of Lingor), ARL (Armadas Revolucionarias de Lingor), Druglords Army (DRG), Venator PMC Group and UniSol Corp. Company.
- new rifle FN F2000 with AIM, GL & ironsight.
- cocaine item (inventry item, visual item for mission makers)
- new characters: El Presidente, ARL Leader Roberto Fortin, Druglord Ramon Rabante, druglord-mercenary pilot Eric Stoller
- kamaz trucks (including civilian) and two special racing versions (6x6 Adventure covered/open) capable of reaching very high speeds
- Bell UH-1 for both (GAL and ARL) factions
- offroad pickups for ARL (dskhm & SPG-9 AT)
- rebel protestors armed with stones (that can be deadly if thrown into head or other body parts)
- new pilots for ARL/DRG factions
- two gangmembers Red & Blue (both unarmed, for special TvT missions)
- civilians with custom shirts & funny logos
- suprise: jet skis in different colors & special cargo trunk version for drugdealers & ARL faction
- river patrol boats (PBRs) for GAL (gunboat & transporter), Police (patrol gunboat) and FEA (antidrug police unit, gunboat)
- assault boats for ARL rebels
- Pinzgauer 710M vehicles in civilian colors (yellow, red, green, white), GAL camo version and a special racing V8 custom version able to reach speeds up to 150km/h (93mph), also used by ARL
- VBL patrol vehicles for Police and GAL (including 12,7mm version)
- VAB armored vehicles for GAL (unarmed, 12,7mm & HOT-3 AT Mefisto versions) and Police (FEA Anti-riot vehicle)
- Embraer Super Tucano turbo-prop plane for druglord faction (AI use)
- transporter vans: (civilian, ambulance, bank security & police FEA anti-terrorism unit)
- M7 Maule cessna-like prop aircraft for drug/weapon delivery operations
- UniSol Corp. faction cyborg assassins, scientists and bodyguards
- ZSU-57-2 antiair systems with 2x57mm cannons for ARL & GAL factions
- black humvee for Venator PMC Group
- AIFVs (Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicles) developed on M113A1 vehicles, three variants (medical, transporter, 25mm cannon support)
- Leopard 1A5 GAL main battle tanks
- Norinco M14 rifle in couple of variants & a special weapons crate item
- A4-M Skyhawk bomber aircraft for GAL
- AS-350 helicopter for GAL: unarmed & CAS 7xFFAR+20mm gunpod
- AS-350 helicopter for Venator PMC Group or tourism rental service
- MiG-21BIS fighter bombers (AA/AG variants) for ARL and GAL factions

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included .pbo files:

Known issues:
- ARL/Civilian/Unisol unit faces use default BIS head wound textures, unable to fix that in the config
- wheels of the van still cannot be damaged or destroyed
- windows on VBL vehicles are not really bulletproof (yet)

Credits & thanks:
- Mondkalb (new buildings, crowdstands, testing, help with riddle design)
- Charon Productions (crocodille, predators, ambient sounds, alien object)
- Icewindo (infantry units, civilians)
- wld427 (constant support, models, assistance)
- wld427 & Col. Klink, CLSA Mod (Mig-21BIS Fighter/Bomber, Original OFP model of A4 Skyhawk, A4 Skyhawk A2 remake)
- NZDF_Crash (3d model help, Norinco M14, sounds, weapon tweaks, support)
- Scubaman3D (wooden hut object, model help)
- Charon & Bad Benson (aliens model, help)
- Vilas (infantry units, equipment, vehicles: firetrucks, vans, apcs, leo1a5)
- BWMod (leopard 1a5 turret, supporting Vilas)
- McHide (Herstal FN F2000 w/ all variants, wooden jump ramp object)
- Lennard (photoshop templates)
- Marseille77 & Vilas & BIS (El Presidente, Ramon Rabante characters)
- Kol9yN (support, JetSki addon, Drugs addon & model)
- Sumrak (helped with sea sound locality issue)
- Peter Grozni & SmukY (ideas, testing)
- MikeBart (new grass vegetation, rocks)
- W0lle (island intro, help with flag textures, support, model assistance)
- -Martin- (tip for A1 soccer objects, help with O2, Bank object)
- LoBO/GiR Team (Pinzgauers)
- Rocket/USEC (M7 Maule)
- RobertHammer (new UH1 sound)
- Shezan74 & Mikero (tools, technical help)
- Opteryx (concrete t-wall object)
- CSJ (snakes addon)
- Slatts/IRDF Mod, Footmunch (Super Tucano aka Pilatus PC9)
- Imshi-yallah and RKSL-Rock (for helping Slatts with ^ plane)
- Schnapsdrosel for gang members bandanas (via W0lle)
- Ryogugu, Norsu/FDF Mod, SuperRat (ZSU-57-2 Sparka)
- MapFact & Jorg F. (allowing me to convert their OFP airport terminal)
- Ikar & Hexagon aka Operation Frenchpoint (VBL, VAB vehicles)
- hcpookie (PBR boats and assault boats)
- Cheyenne/Nimith Brothers, NZDF_Crash, wld427 (AS350, variations)
- Kol9yN, Zakat, Gerasimow9, YuraPetrov, zGuba, A.Karagod, Sahbazz (Jet Skis, variations)
- SgtAce aka Atsche (special thanks for giving me all the A2 support I ever needed)
- SBP (Slovenian Black Panthers), FHW, UGAF and FF (Fusion) Teams (beta testing, coop, bugreports)
- Kage74, Floosy, Lightspeed_aust, MrCash2009, Enad, Himmelsfeuer, Bigpickle, Kol9yN (beta testers)
... and of course, Bohemia Interactive Studio (resource, A1/A2 models, tools, simulation)

- added Red gang member (south-based, they sypathize with druglords and even sell stuff to GAL)
- added Blue gang member (north-based, ex-army men, smugglers, they have ties with GAL)
- added Panhard VBL vehicles for GAL and Police
- added Renault VAB APCs for GAL (Mephisto AT HOT3, 12,7mm and unarmed) and Police (FEA Anti-riot vehicle)
- added Pinzgauer 710Ms (GAL, ARL Green, ARL Silver, Green, Silver, Red, Yellow & 4x4 Adventure V8)
- added JetSki Yanahui based on Yamaha GP 1300R, made especially for Lingor Island. Also available as a ARL/Druglords unit.
- added Embraer Super Tucano airplane for Druglord's Army (use it for AI, cockpit not 100% done)
- added characters: Druglord Ramon Rabante, El Presidente, ARL leader Roberto Fortin and Eric Stoller - Ramon's mercenary pilot.
- added NVgoggles and radios to Venator PMCs
- repainted ambulance van to classic white/red
- shorter police siren for van
- added three AIFV armored carriers for GAL (M2, 25mm, Medical)
- added ZSU-57-2 for GAL/ARL
- added Kamaz trucks to GAL/ARL
- added a pilot for GAL faction
- added a pilot for ARL/Druglords faction
- added A4 Skyhawk for GAL faction
- added Leopard 1A5 tank for GAL faction
- moved Unisol Corp units from lcivilians to own pbo (ibr_unisolcorp)
- moved ARL/Druglords/Protestors units from lcivilians to own pbo (ibr_arl)
- added UH1H for GAL/ARL
- added Norinco M14S with ironsight, aimpoint and ACOG + silenced versions, tweaked recoil to RL values
- new sounds for M14 Norinco rifle (regular & SD), added GAL Special Weapons crate
- Venator Group now offers touristic scenery flights with AS350 choppers
- GAL and Police acquired AS350 Squirrel helicopters, inc. armed version for army (20mm gunpod + 7x FFAR)
- added 13 new faces to Lingor Rebels (ARL) faction
- fixed Leopard 1A5 tank so it doesn't get heard from a mile away
- tweaked Mig-21 handling / control sensitivity
- replaced Mig-21 sounds with improved real recordings
- fixed GAL/ARL configs, added radios, checked for NVgoggles
- added warlords with jungle hats
- added more groups (Venator PMC & Druglords Army)
- added file with unit classes to the release (unit_classes.txt)
- painted kneepads on specops police units to black
- new unit map icons for various classes
- units now compatible with Project RACS mod (removed unused MiG-21 PRACSAIR1 vehicle class)
- added CSJ's Snakes addon along with his public server key
- added Druglord (Golden AKS), Druglord officer (Bizon), Druglord AT soldier (FnFal+RPG18)
- added two different sirens to police and ambulance vans, they work in SP/MP
- Mig-21's UB-32 launcher now has correct 57mm rockets (instead of 80mm), half-load in each launcher (due to RL configuration with 2 x FAB-250)
- infantry is now able to engage UniSol cyborgs with small arms (tnx distractor2004)

- added Airshow Trainer version of MiG-21MF for GAL side
- added Druglords Army faction (armed civilians)
- added new unit: FEA Officer (Fuerzas Especiales Antiterroristas)
- added 4 vans (civilian, bank security, fea police & ambulance with paramedic)
- added mysterious UniSol Company faction (scientists & their units)
- added Maj Z.'s FN F2000 rifle (IronSight, Optics, AIM/Grenade Launcher)
- recorded real sounds of Slovenian FN F2000S at the shooting range
- added new Escort PMCs with tucked-in white shirt, removed cap.
- added Assaulter PMCs with ProHelmets
- added 4 camo faces for ARL Rebels
- fixed head positions
- various bugfixes

- sbp internal testing version, added ARL/GAL Mig-21s
- fixed bugs
- resolved CTD bug
- added vests for ARL Rebels

- internal testing versions

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