WIP Report - [ОТК] Comrades In Arms
Work in progress

[OTK] MODUL informed us about the new [ОТК] Comrades In Arms project.

    Quote [OTK] MODUL :
    OTK team wishes you all the best in the new 2011 year!
    Also, presents to all a small gift.
    On the threshold of new 2011 year, OTK team has the pleasure to inform a new project under the name "Comrades in arms" for ARMA 2 OA, work over which boils and doesn't stop all day and night. The campaign plot starts before the events in the orginal game, for this purpose we suggest to "wind off" 30 years.
    In the world there are two poles and two superstates, one of which has entered armies into an imperceptible Central Asian country named Takistan. A limited contingent of the Soviet forces against insurgents who supply with weapons the all "free" world. A fascinating story about the soldier's duty, a true friendship and artful treachery. Story about comrades in arms.

    You will be given the possibility to test vehicles and infantry of the Soviet Army of the 80s. And in the meantime we present you a small teaser of our project "Comrades in arms".

Follow the discussion of the development of this mod in the [ОТК] Comrades In Arms wip topic.

Written on 2011-01-01 14:17 by [OTK] MODUL  

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