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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

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Date: 2007-05-18 20:05

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Armed Assault Afghanistan Island Addon


Updated release notes:
The city is only proof of concept so that people can use wrp to see how the heights need to be changed or edited when placing objects as the p3ds files are not in odol format (yet).

For those who have made some missions, we regret to inform that due to the change in the grid size any previous placed units will be altered in position because the hills are now less spiky.

Also remove the @afghanistan folder, and put the new folder in the updated rar.

The island comes through nice debates over the months and hard work. People involved including people on bis forums whos work i have watched and learned from are as follows in no particular order:

  • Solus
  • smiey_nick
  • granq
  • snakeman
  • mcnools
  • orcanweb
  • many more to mention
DeanosBeano made a tutorial for this, you can read it here

Known bugs:
- only works on 1.05 beta and above
- not tested in mp
- bad texture id on landscape somewhere cant find it, maybe someone can.

Just extract to your ArmA\Addons... folder, or use the modfolder method.

Included files:

1.) Re-Tagged to DBO_afghan
2.) Removed stretching
3.) Removed bad texture -ID
4.) Added small city to new Kabul lite area
5.) 1.07 .rpt = 0 faults
6.) Grid meter changed to 50m cell

Credits and thanks:
Big thanks to smiley nick whos island has inspired me since ofp.

Any changes and or re hosting must always contain at least the names in this read me.

The island and attached texture comes with no warranty and little support unfortunately.
If you choose to place these files on your pc and use them ,you do so at your own risk.
If it all goes pete tong/wrong then sorry but i take no responsibility.

BIS Forums topic:
- Link.

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