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Date: 2007-05-18 07:35

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Armed Assault SLX Desert Island Addon #1 Armed Assault SLX Desert Island Addon #2 Armed Assault SLX Desert Island Addon #3

SLX Desert Island Example

This addon contains an example of the OFP desert island for ArmA. It uses satellite, mask, and detail textures from Sahrani lite.

How to:
Apparently only ArmA versions 1.05.5 and greater are able to use the OFP version .wrp islands without crashing so make sure you are running with the latest beta patch. The islands should be usable right away from OFP, nothing has to be done to it to get it to work in 1.05.5+ but the island won't be textured. To get island textures working in ArmA you need to hex edit the .wrp to make the texture paths pointing to .paa files point to .rvmat files. Remember that when hex editing a file you cannot add or delete any letters/numbers/characters so the path to the .paa files in the .wrp has to be the same length as the path to the .rvmat files you are going to use. For example,

  • LandText\pi.paa becomes
  • SLX_Isl\1.rvmat which is the same length, 15 characters.
In WrpTool you can replace the island's textures with other textures that have file name paths that are as long as you are going to need.

The .rvmat files are rapified text files, but ArmA doesn't seem to like reading them as plain text so you will also have to hex edit the .rvmat files to point to the paths of your textures. Since you can't change the lengths of the paths in the .rvmat files you will have to make your texture and folder names the same length as the .rvmat path lengths.

You can unrapify the .rvmat textures with Kegety's unrap tool to make them more readable so you can see what you are trying to hex edit.

The different textures are:
  • m_XXX_XXX_lco.paa: These are mask textures, they determine where and which kind of detail textures to show when you get up close. The different colors in the mask texture are for different kinds of detail textures. The type of detail textures that the mask shows is determined elsewhere in the .rvmat.
  • s_XXX_XXX_lco.paa: These are satellite textures, they determine what the ground looks like from far away.
  • X_detail_co.paa: These are the detail textures that you see from close up to the ground. They show up on the parts of the mask texture that has the color they are configured for.

Naming of the satellite/mask textures:
The first set of numbers is the vertical row/strip, counting left to right. The second set of numbers is the horizontal column, counts from top to bottom. For example, in SaraLite 000_000 for the top left and 000_001 for the one to the south of that. 010_000 would be the top right. 000_010 would be the bottom left, and 010_010 would be the bottom right. 005_005 is the center.

ArmA satellite/mask texture .rvmat files seem to be set up to take up many .wrp texture cells, you will have to experiment yourself to find out exactly how many. Once you find out how many they take up you can texture .wrp cells of that size with different textures for each of those large cells so that you can have multiple satellite maps linked together. For example if they take up 9x9 .wrp cells you can texture those 9x9 .wrp cells with the same texture, then the next 9x9 cells with another texture and hex edit the textures to have different .rvmat files so that you can define a different satellite/mask texture for each one.

You will also have to experiment with .p3ds in .wrps to find out how to place them to fit in ArmA.

Also there's a landGrid setting in the config that should be set to the scale the island grid is at.

Change log:
  • Initial release

This is an unofficial addon, and is in no way connected with Bohemia Interactive or Codemasters. The maker of this software is not responsible for any harm that comes to anything resulting in the use of this software. All SLX releases are provided "as is" with no warranty or guarantee of support of any kind. All content in this addon made by SLX may be modified and used in any way without permission and with or without credit. All content copyright by it's respective author(s).

Credits and Thanks to:
BIS for making OFP, Oxygen, TexView, the Flashpoint1985 forums, all content from OFP and OFP: Resistance, ArmA and all kinds of great stuff.
Deanosbeano for helping me find out that OFP islands can be used in ArmA 1.05.5+.
Smiley_Nick, granQ, Snakeman, Mcnools, Orcanweb, and anyone else who helped try to get OFP islands into ArmA.
Kegetys for the unrap tool.
WrpTool for exporting wrp files.
pboX for pboing.
Photoshop for image editing.
BIS, Flashpoint1985 forums, OFPEC,, PMC, many forums, google, and the Flashpoint and ArmA community.
Forumites, mission makers, addon makers, island makers, texture makers, modelers, animators, innovators, mod teams, and OFP players.
Thanks to everyone that has posted in the Flashpoint1985 forums SLX release threads and everyone who has commented on the SLX releases.

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