WIP Report - MCC Sandbox IED module
Work in progress

shay_gman informed us about the MCC Sandbox IED module he is working on.

    Quote shay_gman :
    I just wanted to inform you all on the progress on the MCC Sandbox. Now, introducing the IED/traps module. It is inspired by VBS2 IED module. Check the new vids.

    - Electronic Warfare: Jam radio triggered IEDs.
    - Ambush: Click and drag in order to place ambushing parties looking in the right direction. They will stay prone and hidden till the IED is triggered or until mission maker will trigger the ambush party.
    - Claymores: Click and drag in order to place claymores and pomz facing the right direction.
    - Custom markers: Each feature has it unique marker shown only for the mission maker including sync lines. Marker will be deleted after the IED/ambush has been triggered.
    - Minefields: Place single mine or minefields. Ranging from AP to AT mines hidden or visible minefields.
    - Suicide bombers: Will lock, run and explode on target faction vehicles and soldiers.
    - Armed civilians/Collaborators: Will randomly draw weapons and will engage the target faction.
    - Disarming: IEDs can be disarmed or naturalized by destroying them.
    - Sync: Hold shift and drag mouse cursor in order to create daisy-chain ambush by linking IEDs and ambushing parties.
    - MP proof and savable: All as part of MCC Sandbox is MP proof and Savable.

You can find more info and leave your feedback in the IED Module topic.

Written on 2011-01-05 18:26 by shay_gman  

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