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Requirements: No addons needed

Version: 12-01-2011

Short description: This enables you to use an Azan Mosque sound.

Date: 2011-01-12 19:45

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Mosque Environment Sound


Ok, so here is a sound for environments such as Zargabad in which it has a big mosque in the city, and as you know if you have been to the middle east, ie Afghanistan or Iraq then you will hear this stuff everyday. So all ive done is found a good Azan Mosque sound and converted it to .ogg file so that you can have a more realistic approach to the game and feel more like your in the middle east.

The Azan itself is sung by Al Mishary Al Afasy.

Installation / Usage:
It comes with a mission as a demo version. Extract the folder to your ArmA2\other Profiles\Yournick\Missions and load it in the editor.

Make a description.exe file in your mission folder and add this code:
class CfgSounds
  class nam
    name = "Azan_Mosque";
    sound[] = {\Sounds\Azan.ogg, db 10, 1.0};
	titles[] = {""};
Use the radio commands to call the sound.

This mod has been testing on Arma 2 and Arma 2: OA but not on multiplayer. [confirmation it works on MP would be great]
Any feedback is welcome, thank you ... and enjoy!


Video by MillerABase:

Thank you to Jarhead for the advice on how to convert and edit sounds etc ...

- Updated with 3D Dimensional sounds

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