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Requirements: Community Base Addons, Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core

Version: 1.6.2

Short description: MCC is a dynamic, real time, in-game mission-creation tool.

Date: 2011-09-24 22:29

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Mission Control Center Sandbox (MCC Sandbox) - Mission version

Shay Gman & Spirit

MCC is a dynamic, real time, in-game mission-creation tool. It enables people to build missions on-the-fly whilst in game and change mission parameters to match the reactions of progress of the players.
MCC is capable of "saving" a mission and load it up on the server without using any FTP but by simple use of the clipboard. This means missions can be created out of the dedicated server and loaded up to play.
From inside the mission, you can open a mission making interface that allows you place units on the map, create waypoints and briefing markers, call in CAS missions or artillery, the possibilities are endless.
MCC is used to create both Coop and PVP missions. Its capable of using respawn on and off, including providing a spectator script.
When you first start MCC you will be presented with the player slot screen. From here you and your team mates can pick a faction and select a role within that faction.

MCC makes use of a mission maker. Only one person at a time is capable of creating a mission by login in to the mission making tool. That person is also capable of logging out again and giving somebody else a go on mission making.

MCC Sandbox is the main tool for creating mission in MARSOC community and i would like to thank all very much for taking the time over the last year to get this to where we are right now.

- Electronic Warfare: Jam radio triggered IEDs.
- Ambush: Click and drag in order to place ambushing parties looking in the right direction. They will stay prone and hidden till the IED is triggered or until mission maker will trigger the ambush party.
- Claymores: Click and drag in order to place claymores and pomz facing the right direction.
- Custom markers: Each feature has it unique marker shown only for the mission maker including sync lines. Marker will be deleted after the IED/ambush has been triggered.
- Minefields: Place single mine or minefields. Ranging from AP to AT mines hidden or visible minefields.
- Suicide bombers: Will lock, run and explode on target faction vehicles and soldiers.
- Armed civilians/Collaborators: Will randomly draw weapons and will engage the target faction.
- Disarming: IEDs can be disarmed or naturalized by destroying them.
- Sync: Hold shift and drag mouse cursor in order to create daisy-chain ambush by linking IEDs and ambushing parties.
- MP proof and savable: All as part of MCC Sandbox is MP proof and Savable.

So is there more to say?
For full features and use please take a look at the manual. That said. The manual is not fully up to date even now as improvements keep going. So please start it up and start your experience. Please take it easy the first time. Just start up MCC menu. Create a zone and spawn some units. We provide you with a selection of preferred weapons you like to start with for any group. Be it CQB or Scoped. YOu can just simple select that in the parameters of the lobby screen.

Does MCC support new mods?
MCC will automaticly detect new units and factions. That means everything as mod you use that is spawnable will be spawnable and usable by MCC.

How are the mission using MCC?
Endless. At MARSOC we dont even use other missions then this. First of all our group is to lazy to use the 2d editor and third it provides exactly what we need. If you want sneaky SF missions or carrier start helicopter insertions, or you want boat landings, full assault mission. You think of it, it can make it. And better yet, it can safe it for you to play again on another day. Have fun there!

Its great but can we rip it for our own use?
You rip what you like and make it fit for your own group. Have fun there man!

Simple put the PBO files into your mpmissions folder of your arma2 or OA directory. If you dont know how to do that. There is plenty of help on armaholic on how to get MP missions working.
After you put the MP missions there you can simple go to multiplayer and start a new local server to play it. Or and thats even better, put them on your dedicated server. Yes this will fully work on a dedicated server OFCOURSE.

Required: @CBA, ACE mod
Optional : @RTE

CBA is used internaly to make the system work. So without a doubt you need that.MCC is optimized to make full use of all that is deliverd by ACE. It also makes use of automated gear scripts to provide you ready to go Crew Served Weapons and much more. For that we would almost say: ACE Required.
RTE is supported in MCC.

You might just take off by downloading the manual and the missions itself. It has quite an impressive list of islands it already works on.
(Aiaktalik,Chernarus,Falluja,Everon,Podragorsk,Isl a-Duala,Japahto,Kulima,Lingor,Namalsk,Panthera,Provi ng Grounds,Quesh Kibrul,Sbrodj,Shapur,Six Little Snow Land,Six Little Green Bags,Takistan,Thirsk,Thirsk Winter,Utes,Zargabad)

Get the manual from here.

Here is also a video tutorial for how to use MCC made by zuff


Credits & Thanks:
We used, with permission, a lot of good content from the community. We also used a lot of work from ourself ofcourse. Initialy this project was started by me and slowly went into combined effort with Shay Gman. Shay Gman should get all the credits for his amazin work on the GUI and a lot of extra content on mcc. I want to thank him for giving me the honor to post this on our behalve.

1. Monsada, for his UPSMON script.
2. Mandoble, for his heliroute script.
3. Tuskan Raider, for his Arresting gear script.
4. Bon for his Advanced Artillery Request script.
5. DTM2801 for his Convoy Control Script.
6. TiGGA for his ILS Pro II.
7. iOnOs for his RTE.
8. Sickboy, Vking without them there was no MCC.
9. The F2 Framework
10. BIS
11. An endless list of people we forgot

- ACE poor's man revive parameter didn't disable it.
- CAS laser designator loop wasn't breaking if no laser designator was found.

-Evac now have an approch parameter:
Ready - the helicopter will keep is engine on after landing.
Fastrope - the helicopter wil hover 25 meters above the LZ.
Land - the helicopter will land and shut down the engine.
Hover - the helicopter will hover in the air at the flight hight.
-Convoy is faction related and not side, Will now work for any BIS or not BIS faction, and the spawned units will be from the same faction and not from the master side.
-Populate Zone (POPZ)- So far only added Garison preset (nothing to do with the garrison script). In single button MCC wil generate units relative to the available spawn positions from the desired faction in the available buildings.

-3D Editor messing up ACE/ACRE keys.
- Undercover agents multiple action bars.

-New GUI (Many thanks and cookies to Ollem for his work).
-Added login button and separated navigation keys.
-New logo (Thanks to Psycho).
-New intro.
-Triggers and save option for the evac chopper.
-Evac chopper will now have ready and able air crew manning the turrets. Air crew will engage targets while the pilot will work to complete the evac.
-3D menu Undo button. Ctrl + X. Of course it is safable. You can undo all the way to the beginning of the placements.
-Added Presets:
-Set empty (fuel) - vehicle will start with no fuel.
-Set empty (ammo) - Vehicle will start with no ammo.
-Set locked - Vehicle will spawn locked.
-Set renegade - Unit will be renegade to all.
-Attach crows - attach a flock of crows to circle the object.
-Attach flies - attach a horde of flies to circle the object.
-Added performance monitor, Monitor client and server FPS.

-3D Editor's help hint no more stays after you close the editor.
-Hijack units is working to as far as it can work in MP.
-You can capture an armed civilian after you disarm him.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base Addons
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 OA - Core

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